When the trend of smartphone goes to big screen, iPhone SE comes for those who miss the simplicity of handling a small-screen smartphone. However, this smartphone has good specification as seen on iPhone 5s.

In term of battery, iPhone SE is claimed to have better battery life by 50% than that of iPhone 5. In this review we are going to see the battery comparison between iPhone 5 and iPhone SE. The comparison will see the battery performance in normal daily usage and in gaming. Check this out.

Battery comparison between iPhone 5 and iPhone SE

The battery comparison between iPhone 5 and iPhone SE goes first to see the technical specs. There is a difference between iPhone 5 and iPhone SE in term of specification, but in term of battery capacity they are almost identical.

iPhone 5 is supplied with 1440mAH battery while iPhone SE is little bit larger, 1624mAH. iPhone has advantage of its newer processor chip, Apple A9.

Battery Comparison Between iPhone 5 and iPhone SE
Battery Comparison Between iPhone 5 and iPhone SE

This processor, logically, is improved with better battery management resulting better battery life compared to what Apple A6 can do on iPhone 5. They both shares identical screen size and resolution which may consumes equal power.

However, iPhone SE has better battery performance. The reason can be its battery capacity or other specifications that support its battery life.

So, in this Battery comparison between iPhone 5 and iPhone SE article, we’ll talk about some aspects that may affect on the battery life. These are Normal Daily Usage, Processor, and Gaming

Normal Usage

On normal daily usage, iPhone SE can show its better battery performance. This conclusion taken on the research involving iPhone 5 and iPhone SE.

Both phones are used in moderate usage of taking picture, streaming online video, navigating with GPS, web browsing, checking social media and emailing – all in 4G connectivity.

iPhone SE does good job with impressive battery life, it stays alive until you hit the pillow. iPhone 5 is on the other hand, you need to recharge it twice when iPhone SE need it once in one same period.

When you use it in lower usage intensity, iPhone SE can perform even better resulting more 50% battery left from fully recharged in the morning until night.


iPhone SE has same processor with what’s on iPhone 6s. This processor is designed to manage battery life even in a smartphone in large screen like iPhone 6s and when it is placed on a small screen smartphone like iPhone SE.

And it can show impressive performance. The battery comparison between iPhone 5 and iPhone SE then takes iPhone SE to be the winner.


Next, the battery comparison between iPhone 5 and iPhone SE is in term of gaming. While some users use their iPhone for communication-oriented device, other people may use it as gaming purpose.

Thus, it is interesting to know the battery performance on gaming process. It is better to test in in casual 2D games rather than 3D games because iPhone 5 is not as good as iPhone SE in term of specs.

In this comparison, iPhone SE seems to be superior to iPhone 5. iPhone SE can perform for about 6 hours, and the body becomes very hot to handle.

iPhone 5 have lower performance with 5 hours constant use of gaming. The presence of better processor and co-processor on iPhone SE do a good job by preserving the battery from quick dying.


That is the comparison between iPhone 5 and iPhone SE. The different technology applied on those two smartphone leads different battery life. iPhone SE as the newer model between the two has advantage by its better technology to improve battery life.


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