Be Our Guest! (We Look for Fellow Guest Writer)


Are you a Techno Geek? Are you dreaming of to be an author? Are You interested to our content? Do you want to be a part of us? Be our Guest!

Be Our Guest! (We Look for Fellow Guest Writer)

For all of you who are interested with the topic were working in, you are invited! We are pleasantly inviting you to be our guest writer.

Finally, after a long time of existence, has decided to open opportunity for fellow bloggers, writers, and experts, to contribute by sharing their writing, opinion, thoughts, and view about current issue in technology.

What’s the benefits of being our Guest Writer?

If by consideration your writing are relevant and accepted, we intend to publish it in our site. And as feedback, we offer you the following benefits:

  1. Get 1 Inbound “DO FOLLOW” link to your blog to trigger traffic to your blog.
  2. For long-time contributor, we’ll make a special mention and publish your brief profile in our website as guest writer.
  3. Other benefits based on negotiation

How to contribute:

You can contribute to be our Guest Writer by sending your writings and your brief profile to: [email protected] We’ll review the writing, and let you know whether it is accepted or not. Revision might be needed during the process to make your writing close to the sufficiency.

And for your reference, here are the list of topics we’re currently interesting in:

  1. Wireless technology (WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, etc)
  2. New Product Review (Smartphone, smartwatch, Laptop, DIGITAL Camera)
  3. Application of Wireless Technology

Terms and Conditions of Participation

Download (PDF, 222KB)

That’s all. If you have the same interest and want to join, we welcome you to be our guest.

Best Regards.