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groups of articles that specifically discuss about Bluetooth technology including name of devices, regulations and product reviews

Bluetooth Technology Applications

The development of Bluetooth technology has been boosted massively. Around the world, especially in major technological manufacturers, we can see advance research and development programs regarding to this technology. And as a result, there are many new inventories regarding to the Bluetooth, no matter it is a new technology or the variation of it. Just […]

An Introduction to Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Scanner barcode could be something important in many industries such as warehouse, supermarket, factories, and many others. And actually, not only for the big scale industries above, barcode scanner is also useful for smaller scale of industries such as shop, library sale, store, stationary etc. That’s why even for small business, the presence of barcode […]

Bluetooth Wireless Headset, More than an Ordinary Headset

Technology moves so fast, particularly in the telecommunication world. It is proven by the number of new inventories that always increase every year. In addition, updates in the latest technologies also makes the market competition is getting tighter. For example you can see it on the headset technology. Since firstly invented by Nathaniel Baldwin, a […]

Bluetooth Car Audio, The Higher Level of Car Audio System

The development of automotive industries is getting faster these days. Now, car is not only as transportation tools, but it also has many other functions.  As a result, to give maximum comfort to the passengers, many manufacturers install so various kinds of feature to increase the functionality of their products. For example, we can see […]

Approval Test Standard for Bluetooth

In order to sell Bluetooth devices in Indonesia market your product needs to comply with the regulation requirement (approval test standard and technical requirements) of Direktorat Jenderal Sumber Daya dan Perangkat Pos dan Informatika (SDPPI) Actually most of approval test standard for Bluetooth devices almost same as other country, Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard […]

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