Digital Satellite Receiver-Venus Cromus

Type Approval certificates for Digital Satellite Receiver-Venus Cromus already issued by DGPT (POSTEL) in October. Date of issue is October 21st 2010. You know that this digital receiver is almost same with the Venus Deambox – set top box which has approved previously. I think you have familiar with this kinds of equipment right ? yeah Venus Cromus allows you to view a variety of satellite programs.  So there is no more explanation right? to the point aja ya..

The specification of digital satellite receiver – Venus Cromus as below:

Receiver Venus Cromus image

Capability System

  • Fully DVB-S Compliant (ETS 300 421)


  • Type of Wave: GPS
  • Symbol Rate: 2 ~ 45 MS / S
  • Frequency 950 ~ 2150
  • Sensitivity – 25 ~-65dbm
  • LNB Control 13/18V (350mA maximum)
  • Swith 22khz, DiSEqC


  • MPEG-2 (ISO / IEC 13818-2)
  • Rate to 15 Mbits / s
  • Output NTSC (720 x 480 px / PAL 720 x576 px )
  • The format of 16:9, 4:3


  • MPEG-2 layer I & II
  • Mode: Mono, Dual, Stereo

Front Panel:

  • Signal Lock LED

Back Panel:

  • Tuner Input: Type-F
  • Video Output RCA
  • Audio Output RCA (Left / Right)
  • Power DC

To be sure that the legal of certificate holder of Digital Satellite Receiver-Venus Cromus is PT.Subur Semesta, If you wan to know more detail about the products feel free visiting to the official website of PT.Subur semesta.