Hidden iPhone 6 Tips You Must Know

There are several hidden iphone 6 tips you must know. In fact there are always the tricks that are not written in its manual.

The security tricks

In fact iPhone 6 has advanced security system. There are several hidden security features you must know.

  • The accessibility features
iphone 6 tips

Do you have any kids who might play with your iPhone 6? There can be a possibility of your important data getting accidentally deleted. Just activate the ‘Accessibility feature’ and worry no more. To turn on this feature, you have to click the ‘General’ tab. Then you click ‘Accessibility’ and enable the ‘Guided Access’ feature. It will prevent any of your data from accidentally getting deleted.

  • Longer pass-code

It is one of the best security features of iPhone is that the iPhone 6 has great security feature that allows you to have longer pass code with more complicated combination of alpha numeric code.

However, most iPhone 6 owners do not know how to activate this feature and let their iPhone 6 be secured by the minimal pass code combination. To activate the feature, you need to go to ‘Settings’, the click on the ‘General’.

Before typing the new code on the ‘Passcode Lock’, you first have to disable the ‘Simple Passcode’ default mode. It is one of the most important security iphone 6 tips you must know.

The using Siri and camera tips

You must be familiar with Siri, but do you really know how to maximally use Siri? There several tricks you must know.

  • Make it pronounce any words you want

Siri is actually the feature of iOS 7 and even iOS 8 software. It is the personal assistant and the navigator of your phone. However, Siri sometimes has trouble in pronouncing certain words or interpreting your words. You ca fix it. You just need to say “that is not how you pronounce” after Siri has just pronounced the words. Then, you have to respond Siri to replace the wrong words.

  • Use it as the main entertainment platform

You can use Siri as your true personal assistant to get you updated about any entertainment news like sport or the movie schedule and even tell you about some places you want to visit. You just have to set its geographical setting to enable ‘Local Services’ features and activate the GPS features.

  • Communicate with Siri well

By activating Siri, it means you are building a verbal communication with your iPhone. You need to replicate the real word and communicate with your iPhone as an assistant. Just say “Yes” to confirm the program in your iPhone.

  • Take a series of image at once

The iPhone 6 comes with excellent camera features. Have you ever tried to hold down the ‘Capture’ button when taking picture? It will help you taking image simultaneously. It will make you able to capture several pictures at once. You will definitely get the best shot, especially when you are taking the picture of moving object. Just consider it as the iphone 6 tips to take perfect picture.

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