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groups of articles that specifically discuss about mobile networking system, including name of devices, regulations and product reviews

The introduction to 4G LTE, 4th Generation of Mobile Networking System

The growing of telecommunication networking is getting rapid by day. It is like yester day we are introduced to 3G and HSDPA network, today the implementation of 4G LTE is almost covers the entire nation. And even before this fourth generation of mobile network completely penetrates into the society, there’s already issue toward the development […]

Probable Applications of 5G Technology After the Release Date

Continuing our previous article about 5G (5G Network, Faster than the Fastest Mobile Network), now we’ll discuss about the related topic. The topic will still be the same, but it will not only talk about 5G technology in detail anymore. Here, the talk will be related to the other technologies that might be really supported […]

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