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Samsung Galaxy S8: Infinity Display and Bixby’s First Appearance

Samsung Galaxy S8: Infinity Display and Bixby's First Appearance

It’s enough with the “exploding” thing on Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Now the Korean giant electronic manufacturer is ready to kick the game off. Yes, few days ago, Samsung just released its front-runner flagship of Galaxy lines. It’s Samsung Galaxy S8, ladies and gentleman! As what Samsung did in the previous flagship, Galaxy S8 brings […]

Introducing: Apple Watch 2 Specification, New Apple Watch with Advance Specification

It’s been a tradition for Apple to amaze the world in September. And for this year, Apple’s September moment was already held only a couple of days ago. It was in September 7th, the Cupertino company held a big event to announce its newest products. And as usual, the new generation of Apple’s iPhone attracts […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Multi Function Printer [MFP]

In this modern era, simplicity of the device is really important. People nowadays are looking for something simple, instant, and able to fulfill many kinds of needs. Or, in another term we called it “multitasking device”. Fortunately, this trend is sensed perfectly by manufacturers. As a result, many manufacturers start to imply this concept in […]

Portable Surveillance Radar, a movable and Small Radar Equipment

Continuing our previous post about radar (Approval Testing Standard for Radar – Surveillance and Maritime) now we are going to talk about this device mode specifically. As we all know, there are two kinds of radar that in the existence, the maritime and surveillance radar. And talking more specifically about this device, there is a […]

Home Plug, What is It, and What It is Used for

For nowadays use, Internet connection is really important. Not only for the field of computing devices, but, but this connection is also needed in several home appliances devices such as refrigerator, TV, Air conditioners, and others. Especially with the massive application of Internet of Things concept, the needs toward internet connection is getting bigger. So, […]

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