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Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the New Serial Killer from Samsung

Galaxy Note is a serial killer from the east. Manufactured by South Korean technological giant, Samsung, the Note series line appears to be the best Android device each year. And in this year, it comes to its 7th series of the line called Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Bringing super specification and great design, this metal […]

Understanding the Principles of Drone and Its Operation

It’s always interesting to talk about something new, especially in technology. And continuing our previous article (Drone, the True Definition of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Era), now we are going to talk about Drone. It is already stated before that this technology has so many good and bad things. The good things is that Drone can […]

Approval Test Standard for Router Devices in Indonesia

Nowadays, internet connection is something really important for life. Not only for the military work, like it used to be used, but now it has covered so many other aspects. Some aspects such as entertainment, health, transportation, education, office, and mainly communication, are already using internet connection. We can even barely find personal devices such […]

Remote Control of Alarm and Lamps for Motorcycle

The penetration of motorcycle is pretty rapid these days, especially in the developing countries. This is mainly because the price of motorcycle is relatively cheaper than car. Moreover, it is also because people think motorcycle has much functionality especially in its ability to avoid traffic. That’s why the order toward motorcycle products is always high. […]

Apple Ipad Pro, a Perfect Combination of Tablet and Laptop

Continuing our previous post about mobile computer, here is the example of one mobile computer product, iPad by Apple. Apple has broken the basic principle of mobile computer when they firstly released their new product, Apple IPad in 2010. This product has successfully attracted people’s attention since it is classified as the first tablet product […]

Radio Remote Control Receiver for Door Lock Approval Requirements

There will be a lot of industries will be helped with the presence of electronic door lock. With this kind of door lock, people can control one or several door to be closed automatically at once. Therefore, closing door one by one manually is no longer needed. Interesting, right? And not only in big scale […]

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