Short Review of Fujifilm GFX Specifications: Gigantic Camera with Lower Battery Life

April 21, 2017 | By The Rumors | No Comments | Filed in: Fujifilm Rumors.

Viewing the development of photography device, creating enormous camera with amazing upgrades becomes a priority for manufacture. All of these are done to meet the user’s need toward a pleasing camera device. And here it is, Fujifilm GFX comes to satisfy the fans even though we have to admit that it’s not the best one • Read More »


Nikon D820 Rumors

April 11, 2017 | By The Rumors | No Comments | Filed in: Nikon Rumors.

Rumors about Nikon’s new camera are getting bigger in order to welcome what may come out as new Nikon camera in 2017. If last year we were already impressed by Nikon D810, so this year, we’re wondering about what may be replacing the D810? Is it D820? Well, we just can speculate based on the • Read More »


Panasonic FZ80 Price in 2017

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In this early time of release, many people ask about Panasonic FZ80 Price. Well, that’s normal because this camera brings so much more on the specification, makes it as one anticipated product of the year. Bringing several upgrades in its product, Panasonic comes with new edition of Panasonic FZ80. It comes to replace FZ70 by • Read More »