Canon EOS 5D Mark V Rumors: Revealing the New Upper-Class Canon 5D Camera

It is Canon EOS 5D Mark V, a DSLR camera which is said to replace its predecessor, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. This camera is aimed for almost all kinds of camera usage and possibilities packed in such a portable body. Of course, there will be lots of surprises in term of features and software that you are going to meet very soon. But before that, let’s check the features based on the Canon EOS 5D Mark V Rumors first.

Canon EOS 5D Mark V Rumors

Canon EOS 5D Mark V Rumors

It seems to be very clear that Canon Mark series are very popular in imaging arena. Let’s say Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Mark IV which was becoming the most wanted camera on their period. As technology develops, the older camera will soon be replaced by the newest one. And now, even when we’re still amazed to the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, the news about Canon EOS 5D Mark V Rumors has spread on air. So, how this camera actually looks like? Here is the detail based on some rumors.

Canon EOS 5D Mark V Design

Talking about the body, Canon EOS 5D Mark V Rumors stated that the camera will have similar body to Mark IV. But, it is possible to be smaller for easier handling and simpler operation. Black will dominate the case for perfect solid and firm nuances.

Users are going to find carbon fiber covering the body case for maximum scratch and sleek protection. According to hearsay, there won’t be meaningful changes on the camera components. It is going to be very similar for Canon Mark fans and even for new users. Last but not least, many photo enthusiast hope that the manufacturer will reduce the overall camera weight.

Canon EOS 5D Mark V Specification

Looking back to the 30.4MP on Mark IV, we can predict that Canon EOS 5D Mark V specification will be strengthened by higher effective pixels. The patterns of Mark III’s 22.3MP and Mark IV’s 30.4MP clearly said that the Mark V will have highest pixels among them. It means that users are allowed to result better imaging quality from this camera.

The ISO range is also getting upgraded in which it offers ISO 100 up to ISO 32000 in adjustable way. On the optic and lens sectors, Mark V will have equal 41 cross-type AF points with over expanded region. It brings professional focus result in every single image you are photographing.

Canon EOS 5D Mark V Rumors

Another good news can be found on its 3.2” touchscreen LCD Display. Based on some Canon EOS 5D Mark V Rumors, it will bring 1.620.000 active dots inside for brilliant graphic quality. This screen is even able to feature Dual Pixels phase detection of Live View and video AF mode. In Continuous Drive mode, users are allowed to snap 10 frames per second, a good choice for high-movement subject.

This camera is issued to be set by Optical Image Stabilization for keeping the pictures stable and reduce shock. When you open the battery door, there is going to be a vapor and whoosh sound. It happens by liquid nitrogen from the cooling pipes that will be used to keep the camera cool. Last but not least, there will be built-in RF transmitter for efficient work of flash.

Canon EOS 5D Mark V Price

Looking at the Canon EOS 5D Mark V rumors and predictions, it can be concluded that this camera is worth to wait. Even if the rumors are not confirmed yet; you can make it as pre-judging point of view. All you can do now is waiting and hoping that the Mark V will be more than you expectation. As for the price, until now there’s still no further information about the upcoming Canon EOS 5D Mark V price. However, we are going to update the price and further detail as soon as the camera released.