Tips to Save Battery on iPhone 6s to Make Durable

Knowing some tips to save battery on iPhone 6s is very important for anyone who has iPhone 6s right now. iPhone has been one of the hottest smartphone that everyone will fall in love with.

Its technology, camera quality, and even the nature design of the hardware are just awesome and incredible. That is why, it is not that surprising to know that this smartphone has already gathered a lot of followers since the first time it is invented.

However, there is nothing perfect in this world, including iPhone 6s. If you have been a huge fan of iPhone, then you must know what the problem is all about. It has been a quite popular problem that the iPhone battery can be so weak.

After being charged for some hours, it can easily run low on the battery. This problem has been haunting many people since then. However, it does not mean that you cannot deal with this problem. Here is some tips to save battery on iphone 6s that you can apply to save your iPhone 6s battery life.

tips to save battery on iphone 6s

Each Tips to Save Battery on iPhone 6s

Switch To The Low Power Mode For Emergency

The first and most important thing that you can do to save your iPhone 6s battery life is switching to low power when you do not need your smartphone.

For example, when you are going to sleep or on a trip, then it will be so much better, and energy-efficient, that you switch your iPhone power mode to the low power mode. It is also simple to switch the power mode to this one.

You just need to go to the “setting”, then select “battery”, and then select low power mode”. This mode will help you to turn off some unnecessary features, such as push emails and apps refresh.

Turn Off The Dynamic Wallpapers

The next thing that you can also do to save your iPhone 6s battery life is turning off the dynamic wallpapers. In the newest version of the iPhone 6s, dynamic wallpaper is one of the feature that make it look so attractive.

Even though the producer of the iPhone has ensured that this feature will only use the minimum power to make it work. However, this feature is still one of the problem that make an iPhone 6 battery life last shorter that it should be. That is why, it will be better if you use a simple picture for your wallpaper.

Turning Off The Background Applications Refresh

The last important thing that you can do to make sure that you can make your iPhone 6s battery life last longer than it should be is turning off the background applications refresh.

The iPhone 6s has a feature which allows each apps in the background to update themselves when there is the newest version of the app.

Even though this feature of highly helpful, it has taken a lot of energies from your iPhone 6s battery. That is some tips to save battery on iphone 6s and hopefully you find it useful.

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