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Zigbee Technology Applications

Eko Prasetyo,

May be some of you have known couple of wireless technologies perfectly. Some technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have been the common term in our everyday conversations. This thing is supported by the fact that they have a high number of usages. But, for some others, which are relatively newer, they might still unseen, hide under the veil of technology. Even so, statistics has shown that the number of usage of these technologies has significantly increased. For example is Zigbee. Not many people know about this wireless technology. But in fact, Zigbee technology applications are something dynamic. So, in what aspects we can find the applications of this technology? Here is the explanation about it.Zigbee Technology Applications

Well, before we talk about Zigbee technology applications, we will talk about what Zigbee technology actually is first. With the better understanding about this kind of wireless, you will be able to get the clearer view about the applications of this technology.

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By the definition, Zigbee is a kind of wireless technology that is rooted in IEEE 802.15.4 specification. This technology was firstly conceived in 1998. But, it was standardized in 2003, and in 2006 it got revised. The name zigbee itself was inspired by the waggle dance by honey bees when they return bee-hiving.

This network is mainly used to create high level protocols of communication for personal area network. One unique thing about this personal area network is the fact that this network needs small and low powered digital radio.

As a result of this low power-needed, this network’s transmission is limited in the range of 10-100 meters of distance.  This range could be wider or narrower depending on the characteristic of the environment. With these kinds of basic operation, Zigbee is believed to have simpler and much cheaper cost compare to the other WPANs (Wireless Personal Area Network).

Zigbee Technology Applications

Talking about Zigbee technology applications, we will find some resemblances on them. If we look closer, Zigbee technology is applied mostly in the low data rate devices that require long battery life. Moreover, this kind of network is also used in some devices that requires more secure network.

This is due to the advance encryption that Zigbee technology has. With 128 bit keys of symmetric encryption, people believe thay Zigbee technology comes with more secure network. Then, what are the common Zigbee technology applications in nowadays concept? Here is some possible ways to apply this kind of network efficiently.

Zigbee Technology ApplicationsApplication of Zigbee for Pollution Monitoring

One of Zigbee technology applications in nowadays world is on the pollution monitoring. Pollution has been the big problem in several metropolitans in the world. This is a really serious problem since it can affect directly to the quality of life that these cities preserve to its citizen. So, this thing should be eradicated soon in an effective way.

Commonly, pollution monitoring is related to the micro-climate monitoring which obviously, requires high number of required tools. But, some studies have shown that by employing Zigbee based device, this micro-climate monitoring can be conducted in a simpler ways. What is measured by this device is the exhaust gasses emitted by automobile.

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Here, CO sensor will measure the number of gases emitted by the automobile. The data from this measurement will be delivered to the microcontroller. When this data exceeds the predefined limit, there will be alert from microcontroller to the buzzer. The engine will automatically stop, and the Zigbee module inside will send the vehicle number to the PC.

Zigbee Applications Home Automation

Home automation is a really supportive concept for Internet of Things (IoT). This is why many manufacturers keep producing products that adopt the principle home automation. So, the fully implementation of this concept can be boosted rapidly. And talking about the network that is used in this concept, there are many kinds of network available. But, in this case, we will put our focus on Zigbee, because home automation is actually one of the Zigbee technology applications. And this network is really good at it.

In this application, Zigbee offers simpler and easier installation, stronger security, more interoperable operation, and affordable price. With all these benefits, Zigbee will ba able to be used in controlling lighting, appliances, security, energy management, and other aspects of home automation.

Moreover, other benefits will also comes along with Zigbee technology applications. They are low cost needed due to the low power needed and more environmental friendly technology. Overall, with the application of it, you’ll get your smart home smarter.

Zigbee Technology Applications

Zigbee Applications in Agriculture

One of the important fields of nowadays life is agriculture. The agriculture system will provide many benefits for our life especially for food sustainability. Moreover, the level of agriculture sector of a country is also affecting on the whole aspects inside it such as economy, health, environment, and others. This is why we should keep the agriculture aspect in such a balance condition with the modernization of a country. This is where Zigbee technology applications take part in doing it.

The main role of Zigbee technology in agriculture is especially on boosting the automation among it. For example, with automation that Zigbee offer, it could be applied in some agricultural sensor. So, we can maintain something like irrigation, temperature control, humidity, soil content, and others automatically.

The application of this technology will definitely involve sensors, main PC control, and Zigbee module. This module can be used in data transferring from the sensors or microcontroller to main PC. Therefore, all of the agricultural process can run effectively and efficiently.

Zigbee Industrial Automation

Industrial sector may be the one that will use Zigbee technology in such a big scale. Especially when nowadays this sector needs to comply with so many standards, automation can be the best answer. With minimum risk and error that may caused by human, automation will take industrial sector to the next level of it, to achieve target, and to fulfill what society needs. And here is where we employ Zigbee technology applications.

Zigbee Technology ApplicationsOne of the specialties of Zigbee is that this kind of wireless designed for low cost applications. Moreover, it’s also suited to the low power consumption with mesh network topology. These are the characteristics that will be suited to the automation system in the factory floor. While for the example of possibility for Zigbee technology applications in industry, you can almost barely count it.

Some of them are remote monitoring and switching, distribution control, supervisory, and data transfer. Compare to the other kinds of wireless technology such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Zigbee for industrial will be cheaper, more suited to the environment, and easier applications.

Overall, with this application of Zigbee technology, we believe it can take us on to the higher level of human life. One thing for certain, there will be many things get easier and more effective by these Zigbee technology applications.

That’s all. Hopefully, this writing will be educating. If you have other ideas about this matter, you can put them in the comment session below. And if you find this article is informative, sharing it in to your personal page will be much more appreciated. So the information here can spread wider around the net.

A Variation of Zigbee, Z Wave, Offering Simpler Protocols & Lower Price

Eko Prasetyo,

We already talked about Zigbee previously (please refer to this page). And now, we are going to talk about the similar wireless technology that uses the same concept with Zigbee, the “Z wave”. It may seem not familiar for some people, but it is. Compared to the other wireless technology such as Bluetooth and WLAN, Z wave seems to be unseen. But for several purposes, it is really needed, especially when it comes to certain specialization. So, what is this technology actually is, what is this for, and how does it works? Everything will be explained in below.

The Introduction to Z Wave

A Variation of Zigbee, Z Wave, Offering Simpler Protocols & Lower Price(1)Some people call it Zwave, some others call it Z wave, and the rest is Z-wave. It all refers to communication protocols that mostly used for home automation devices.

This protocol, which is called Z wave, was a development product from Danish start-up Company called Zensys in 2004.

It seems like we know where the “Z” mark comes from, right?

Then in 2009, the Zensys Company was acquired by Sigma design, a Californian company that focuses on designing and building system on-a-chip for many kinds of semiconductor technology.

Basically, Z-wave was built under the concept of Zigbee.  That’s why both technologies have a lot of things in common, such as frequency, and range of operation. But, what makes it different is that this kind of wireless technology was developed to result simpler protocols than Zigbee.

That’s why the use of this technology is believed to result on the less expensive of budget. Further, just like other communication protocols, the Z-wave technology also employs Radio Frequency (RF) in its operation. And the RF here mostly takes part in the control and signaling sectors.

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Zigbee, Another Option For Wireless Communication System

Eko Prasetyo,

Zigbee technology may not as popular as WLAN or Bluetooth. But, this technology is starting to rise competing the mainstream standard of wireless. With the certain characteristics of networking system, there are many new technologies that starting to use this kind of networking standard.

Untitled.Just take a look at Handheld Transceiver (HT), or you can see it at drone. All of these current technologies employ Zigbee as its basic connectivity.

Further, with the unique characteristics, Zigbee is also suited to be applied in several other devices.

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What Zigbee Actually Is

Talking about history a little bit, the principle of Zigbee technology was developed at 1998 by HomeRF alliance. Then, in 2003, it was standardized before revised in 2006. But for now, the one who maintain this technology is replaced to Zigbee alliance.

This is an alliance that consists of more than 300 major companies in technology such as Mitsubishi Electric, Philips, Atmel, Epson, Texas Instrument Inc. and many others. This alliance is responsible in promoting, designing, and supervising the application of it.

Zigbee is aimed to be used at home automation. In the signaling and control, this kind of connection employs Radio Frequency. Further, talking about operation, this technology is actually a kind of connection that operates based on the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol.

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Zigbee Handheld Transceiver, a New Innovation of Classical HT

Eko Prasetyo,

Before mobile phone and smartphone are getting famous and used by so many people, Handheld Transceiver, or commonly known as walkie talkie, was a favorite device for communication. People use it for its easiness, simplicity, and functionality. But, as the development of technologies, and the fast movement of smartphone, the popularity of this device is getting shrunk. Only some people use this device. Commonly, they are the ones who work in the security sector, military, manufacture, etc. Therefore, to be balance with the technology movement, many HT manufacturers install the newest technology in their products to give more ease and functionality for users. This is called Zigbee Handheld Transceiver.

Zigbee Handheld Transceiver in Detail

Zigbee Handheld Transceiver, a New Innovation of classical HTThen, what Zigbee Handheld Transceiver actually is? Technically, Zigbee Handheld Transceiver is a Handheld Transceiver device which employs Zigbee frequency to communicate each other.

Maybe this technology is still strange for some people because this is a newly invented device. But, we are sure that in the following years later, this kind of HT will replace the traditional kind of Handheld Transceiver.

Especially, when Zigbee HT has so many features and functions that traditional Radio Frequency Handheld Transceiver has.

Zigbee itself is a kind IEEE 802.15.4 wireless network based frequency that specialized for high level of communication protocols that is used to create personal area network.

The PAN created by Zigbee has much smaller and lower than the common digital radios. Further, it also believed to be less expensive and simpler than any other Wireless Personal Area Network (WPANs), such as WiFi and Bluetooth.

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