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groups of articles that specifically discuss about Zigbee technology including name of devices, regulations and product reviews

Zigbee Technology Applications

May be some of you have known couple of wireless technologies perfectly. Some technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have been the common term in our everyday conversations. This thing is supported by the fact that they have a high number of usages. But, for some others, which are relatively newer, they might still unseen, […]

Zigbee Handheld Transceiver, a New Innovation of Classical HT

Before mobile phone and smartphone are getting famous and used by so many people, Handheld Transceiver, or commonly known as walkie talkie, was a favorite device for communication. People use it for its easiness, simplicity, and functionality. But, as the development of technologies, and the fast movement of smartphone, the popularity of this device is […]

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