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Nikon D70 Manual

Nikon user manual. – Nikon D70 Manual is aimed to fulfill the needs toward information of both technical or instrumental issue among this digital camera product especially for Nikon D70.

Nikon D70 offers advanced features such as wireless TTL remote flash control and sophisticated tracking-autofocus modes right out of the box.

Based on imaging-resource information, the Nikon D70 increasingly stands out for its rugged build, its advanced feature set, and the quality of the ED-glass lens that’s bundled with “kit” versions of the camera.

It’s also the fastest camera in its class: With a fast memory card, the Nikon D70 can shoot continuously (without pausing) at 3 frames/second until the card is filled.

Nikon D70 is compatible with the new AF-S lenses, as well as almost the entire range of previous F-mount AF Nikkor optics.

When Nikon D70 was firstly released to the market?

Nikon D70 is a digital single-lens reflex camera, introduced at the 2004 and announced on August 9, 2006. Even if it’s already released quite long time ago, but this product is still relevant for nowadays use, especially for you who likes retro camera kind of style.

Nikon D70 Features Summary

  • 6.1 megapixel CCD delivering a maximum image resolution of 3008 x 2000 pixels.
  • 1/500 flash sync, 1/8000 second top shutter speed.
  • SLR design with true, TTL optical viewfinder.
  • 1.8 inch 130,000 pixel TFT LCD with adjustable brightness.
  • Polycarbonate body over a metal frame for strength with low weight.
  • Interchangeable F mount lens design accommodates a wide range of Nikkor lenses, type D and type G recommended. 1.5x multiplier applies to focal length.
  • Nikon D70 body supports both mechanically-coupled and all-electronic AF-S lenses.
  • Program, Digital Vari-Program (Scene), Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority and Manual exposure modes.
  • Depth of field preview button.
  • TTL flash exposure metering in three modes (with the SB-800 flash).
  • ISO 200 – 1600 exposure range.
  • White balance has auto, six manual modes, and preset option.
  • Three color modes, plus contrast, saturation, hue, and sharpness adjustments.
  • Built in, five-mode popup flash; can also act as a master controller, or “commander” for SB-800 and SB-600 flashes.
  • External flash hot shoe.
  • Continuous shooting, Auto Exposure Bracketing, and Self-Timer modes.
  • JPEG, RAW (NEF) and JPEG + RAW (NEF) file formats.
  • Uses Compact Flash Type I and II, plus Hitachi Microdrive
  • USB cable for computer connection
  • Captures up to 3 frames per second.
  • Nikon D70’s buffer can hold up to 144 large/normal shots (actually more, in our tests), with high-speed CF cards.
  • Five-area AutoFocus.
  • Included CD-ROM loaded with PictureProject software.
  • NTSC Video cable for connection to TV
  • Battery holder that accepts 3 CR2 disposable batteries.
Nikon D70 Manual

How much the price when Nikon D70 firstly released?

In the first release The Nikon D70 is the first DSLR camera built by Nikon’s factory in Thailand. It debuted at a price of US$999 (body only).

Now, if you’re interested to own this compact digital camera device, you can get it in several online stores by paying $74.99 of Nikon D70 Digital Camera (Body Only) for the used products.

Download Nikon D70 Manual

Feel free to download the nikon d70 manual user guide at below.

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