A Closer Look to Wireless USB Technology

Now it comes the time when the age of wired connection is about to be considered old-fashioned. It is the time, when are about to leave physical connection line, and move to the new kind of transferring technology that can be done through air. This is the time when we are going to go “wireless”. […]

The Application of NFC Technology in iPhone, Is It Worth?

The realization of Internet of Things (IoT) concept is getting closer. Now, everything needs to be connected, and able to do data transferring. That’s why we can find many supportive technologies are started to be applied in some personal devices. One of the examples is the application of NFC technology in iPhone. As we know, […]

The Introduction to EnOcean Light Switch and Its Benefits

In this modern era, energy efficiency is really needed. That’s why many manufacturers in the world are competing to produce low consuming energy device. Other than that, the trend is not only reaching the energy consuming level of devices, but also the clean energy ones. It has forced devices to use more effective energy with […]

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