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We provide wire and wirelessly news here + Inspiration news in Bahasa. Please select below.

Type Approval Services

Every wireless and telecommunication equipment, that want to be distributed in Indonesia must comply with the regulation. Technical requirements would be based on the regulation of SDPPI

Swimming Pool Contractor

We offers the pool building service. This service is classified into private pool building and commercial pool building. What does it mean by commercial pool here are pool for villas, hotels, apartments, spas, as well as Jacuzzis.

Our Business Channel

PT. DIMULTI PILAR NARMADI is consulting company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company was founded in 2008 under the name of “CV DIMULTI”. In 2015, we changed the company name and status to be “PT. DIMULTI PILAR NARMADI”.

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5 Tips For Buying Watches As A Gift

Buying watches as a gift: People give gifts for many different reasons. While some do it to express their love, others give gifts to make people feel special and show appreciation. Some people also gi…

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AirPods Pro Alternative ; Some Brands with Good Earbuds Release

AirPods Pro alternative – It is an undeniable fact that Apple sets the trend of many breakthrough technologies. The super thin MacBook, full touchscreen iPhone, catchy iPod, or elegant yet vibrant App…

Jabra Elite 85T vs Elite 75T
Jabra Elite 85T vs Elite 75T: Which One to Buy?

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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2; When Superior Sound Meets an Elegant Look

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Salt Chlorinator Benefits - example
Salt Chlorinator Benefits; Does It Really Suppress Down the Budget?

Salt chlorinator benefits are vary for swimming pool. As we know, doing Salt Chlorinating on pool water could be a beneficial investment for the future. The reason is because salt chlorinator provides…

Swimming Pool Chemical: Liquid Chlorine
Get To Know Swimming Pool Chemical; For Safe and Healthy Swim Life

Swimming Pool Chemicals are one of many important things that every pool owner should know. Not only the pool owner, but swimmer also needs to know about the chemicals too. So, they can decide whether…


Drone definition: The term drone refers to several other terms. It can be referred to UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System), and several others.