Welcome to NARMADI.COM, a website organized by NARMADI Team. Started in 2007 as a personal site, this website talked mostly about swimming pool contractor and Indonesian SDPPI Type Approval certification.

Besides, some other hot issues with various interesting topics especially of the new technology applications such as gadget, review, regulation, swimming pool, and others are delivered in such an exciting way of telling.

Moreover, we also provide other kinds of topic such as culinary, culture, food, restaurant, and other fascinating topic was also becomes the subject of our articles.

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About 2016

But in 2016, we do realize that concerning in one point is really important in order to become focus in delivering information. That’s why we decided to narrow down our field of topics. And here, we choose one interesting matter to be the main point of discussion in this page, which are product review and Wireless Technology Introduction.

As we now, world’s technology development is getting massive. Everyday, there are new inventions invented in both lab and other facilities. And we’ll never know, where will this invention will be invented, by whom it will be invented, and for what purposes it is invented, if we do not follow the news regarding to it.

And as a modern being, it also seems so naive if we are not moving as fast as the move of technology. Because however, we’re the part of it, they’re the part of us. And one big point is, the development level of a nation is also counted from the way people inside mastery the technology, adapt to the new inventories, and wisely use it to create a better life.

About Topics

Based on the reason above, we have decided to narrow our topics to be only one main point. It is about technology, especially on the telecommunication technology.

Therefore, some information regarding to it such as wireless technology introduction including: Bluetooth technology, networking system, mobile connection, RFID technology, NFC technology, SRD technology, ZigBee technology applications, wi-fi technology applications and others will be our concerns. But, it doesn’t mean that we are no longer giving updates about other topics, we only limit them and concentrate into one single point, technology.

Therefore, for you who are fond of to technology development, you will find this site is interesting to be read. And hopefully, through the writings inside, we could updates your knowledge toward the both new and old news around the technological world.

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