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Arif N, currently live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He got his bachelor degree from Institut Pertanian Bogor and a master degree from Universitas Gadjah Mada, both in computer science. He has interest in distributed computing, cloud computing, and data mining, especially related to text and web. He also want to learn about bioinformatics. He spend most of his time by reading books, novel, or manga and writing anything he found interesting. More detail about Arif feel free to visit His blog at here

Web Design Checklist 1

Web Design Checklist

Designing web is a long process. There are some elements of web that must be considered. Designing these elements well could help increasing visitors. Here are some elements of web design that must be considered when creating a web design. Let’s go to Web Design… Read More »Web Design Checklist


Say Hello to HTML5

Say Hello to HTML5; This is the era of Internet, were most of the people spending a lot of their time inside their browsers. Websites became more and more rich and engaging.

But most of the people didn’t aware, what kind of technology behind their browsing experiences. Actually, there are a lot of technology that make our life on the browsers better. There are scripting language like PHP or Javascript, server technology like CGI, web services, or Java-based technology like JSP or servlet.

Whatever the technology being used to create a web page, they must create a single universal page that can be read by browsers. This universal page must be formatted in HTML.

Say Hello to HTML5

HTML or (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a markup language that primarily used in world wide web. The development of HTML initiated in 1991 and now became standard in displaying information on the web.

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