Swimming Pool Contractor Jakarta: Building & Maintaining Your Pool

There are many considerations in building a pool. One of them is choosing pool contractor. But, what is pool contractor actually is, and what pool contractor is credible enough to be trusted? Many people can’t answer it. So, to help you answering the questions above, here the detail information about pool contractor.

1. What Pool Contractor Actually is

The term “Contractor” is derived from the word “Contract” which means agreement letter or we can define it as “renting”. Therefore, pool contractor can be defined as individuals or business organizations which are hired to run pool building project.

Swimming Pool Contractor - Kontraktor Kolam Renang

So, in this media, I will explain you about one of the divisions of Dimulti Pilar Narmadi PT which runs in the field of pool service business, or in Indonesia we call it “Kontraktor Kolam Renang“. We named this division as Dimulti Pool. Here, our management has hired the best professional staffs whose are experienced for more than 15 years in pool building business.

Pool Contractor

For more detail information about Dimulti Pool, you can visit our website in www.kolamrenang.id, or contact our staff via blog in www.dimultipool.com/blog

2. What Dimulti Pool Offers as Professional Pool Contractor

Dimulti Pool offers services in so many aspect of pool including:

  • Giving free consultation related to pool topic
  • Pool building, whether for individuals or commercials needs.
  • Pool renovation
  • Pool repairmen
  • Pool products and accessories suppliers
  • Pool maintenance and water treatment
  • And other things related to the pool service.
  • Pool Building Service

Pool Building Process

To emphasize the statement above, Dimulti Pool offers the pool building service. This service is classified into private pool building and commercial pool building. What does it mean by commercial pool here are pool for villas, hotels, apartments, spas, as well as Jacuzzis.

For this pool building service, we offer the competitive price with no limitation. Our service is especially provided in the Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Jabodetabek) areas. But, we also open possibility to offers our service in entire area of Indonesia.

Below is the detail of pool building process that is done by Dimulti Pool team. These processes are digging process, wiring, casting, and finishing.

The Digging Process

The digging process of the pool building seems to be a simple job.

But, if this job is not done professionally, it will affect on the increasing fee and longer duration of the pool building process itself.

Here in Dimulti Pool, we hire professional land diggers which are experienced in digging land for so many years.

By using this specialized worker in land digging, Dimulti Pool will cut the digging process duration and it will affect on the decreased fee.

So, the job could be done soon with lower cost and the pool building target could be successfully achieved.

Wiring and Casting Process

Below are the documentations of wiring and casting processes in pool building.

pool wiring process

The Installation of Mosaics/Ceramics

The installation of mosaics or ceramics is an essential phase of pool building processes. This phase will determine the final result of the pool.

pool making process, installation mosaics / ceramics

If this process is not done by the professional worker, so you have to supervise it carefully by yourself. Of course, it is really time wasting. But here in Dimulti Pool, we hire professional worker to do the mosaics or ceramics installation, so you don’t have to worry about the final result of this process.

The mosaics or ceramics installation process as documented below is done by the professionals. They are used to doing this job, so the final result must be satisfying.

Patient and precision are the keys to minimize disappointment toward the final product of the pool. And that’s what Dimulti Pool strongly holds in every pool building projects.

With experienced and professional team, the small possibility that will fail the finishing process could be anticipated since the first pool building process until the last of it.

Final Result Example of Hotel Pool Renovation by Dimulti Pool

Below are the documentations of Hotel pool that is done by Dimulti Pool team.

swimming pool contractor

Pool Maintenance and Water Treatment

#How long the Ideal Time for Pool Maintenance is

Ideally, pool maintenance should be done twice a week to minimize the chemical and maintenance cost of the pool. But, we can’t generalize that the pool maintenance should be done twice in a week. Of course, it depends on the water condition and operation of the pool itself.

So, if the ground water condition is not really good, of course, it needs extra care and maintenance than others with better water condition. It is also the same if the pool is operated more often, for example is the public pool, so the maintenance and water treatment should be done more often too.

#Does Dimulti Pool Offer the Laboratory Ground Water Checking?

Yes, Dimulti Pool offers the laboratory ground water checking service, so you have the proper quality of water. We also offer ground water filter installation which is used for the household needs as well as for filling the pool.

This laboratory ground water checking will be used to determine the best composition of chemicals and filter so the water will be safe to use.

#How Much Money that You Need to Maintain your Pool

If you want to learn about how to maintain your pool by yourself, you don’t have to pay for your own pool maintenance.

If you use the individual pool maintenance service, relatively the cost will be quite cheap, around 500.000 IDR to 1.000.000 IDR, it depends on your pool condition and some other aspects.

Some of the customers said that Dimulti Pool’s pool maintenance cost is expensive. In fact, it is not.

The maintenance cost offered by Dimulti Pool depends on the pool condition and request of the pool owner.

Our team always puts communication and discussion to make decision. So, you don’t have to worry about the pool maintenance cost. However, the maintenance cost for 10×6 m^2-sized pool won’t be higher than the iPhone 6s you are using :)

The Example of Quick Steps In Clearing The Pool Water

Below is the video of quick steps in clearing the private pool water. You can watch closely the process, then apply it by yourself, so you can minimize the water clearing fee.

The Benefits of Using Dimulti Pool Services

Dimulti Pool uses online system, so the clients can use it to supervise the process through your smartphone.

What it means by supervising above is to supervise every progress from Dimulti Pool team in building or maintaining your pool.

Here, you will get notifications by email about the progress of pool building or maintaining daily or weekly, depends on the real situation of the project.

So, whenever you’re not home, you can see every single process that happen in your pool if you use the Dimulti Pool Service.

How to Contact Dimulti Pool Contractor

To contact Dimulti Pool, you can directly contact the project manager though the contacts below.

The project manager itself is Bapak Supomo. He has worked in the field of pool service more than 15 years, makes him expert at pool consultant, building, renovation, and maintenance.

Bpk. Supomo :
HP / WA : 081299299939
Email : [email protected]

Or you can contact his office on the number in below screenshot.

Lebih dari 15 tahun berkecimpung dan fokus di layanan jasa konsultasi, pembuatan, renovasi dan perawatan kolam renang. Bpk. Supomo : HP : 081299299939 BB : 5250B348 WA: 08568181377 Email : tomo@typeapprovalindonesia.com

That’s all of the information about pool contractor-company, as well as its special offers. So, what are you waiting for? just give it a try and let’s see the result.

Update 24 February 2016: Artikel Dengan tentang kontraktor kolam renang dengan bahasa Indonesia pindah di narmadi.com/bisnis/kontraktor

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