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An Introduction to Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Scanner barcode could be something important in many industries such as warehouse, supermarket, factories, and many others. And actually, not only for the big scale industries above, barcode scanner is also useful for smaller scale of industries such as shop, library sale, store, stationary etc. That’s why even for small business, the presence of barcode […]

CD Stereo System, a Classically Modern Entertainment System

The development of entertainment system is getting faster. With so many new inventories, people nowadays can choose what kind of entertainment system that they want. Moreover, with the rapid R&D process, manufacturers not only offer the brand new technology to their consumers. But they come with the updated version of their old products. The old […]

Bluetooth Wireless Headset, More than an Ordinary Headset

Technology moves so fast, particularly in the telecommunication world. It is proven by the number of new inventories that always increase every year. In addition, updates in the latest technologies also makes the market competition is getting tighter. For example you can see it on the headset technology. Since firstly invented by Nathaniel Baldwin, a […]

Product Review: The Bombastic JBL Authentics L8

The popularity of wireless speaker system is getting bigger and bigger nowadays. Since it has more flexibility and easy to set up, many people prefer to choose this device than any other similar products in the market. And if you are about to afford it, here is the most recommended wireless speaker product of 2016. […]

An Introduction to Wireless Speaker System

The development of wireless technology has come to the speaker system. Nowadays, you can find speaker systems that don’t need wire to data transferring at all. Instead, these speaker systems use wireless technology to stream the music, news report, or podcast from your tablet, smartphone, or even multi room receiver. Yes, we’re talking about Wireless […]

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