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Go Faster and more Secure with Wi-Fi Passpoint, New Standard by Wi-Fi alliance

In the past few decades, Wi-Fi has been the newest trend in technology sharing. With this device, there are so many things can be done easily and effectively. For example, by employing Wi-Fi network, accessing internet could be easier and simpler. We don’t even need to connect our devices with wired network. Therefore, having a […]

WiFi Hallow, the New Future Standard from WiFi Alliance

Talking about wireless connection, WiFi must be the most familiar technology we’ve ever heard. This is the technology that has penetrated to almost every existing personal device. And with the huge numbers of user, this technology keeps evolving and inventing something new to fulfill the needs of its customers. And recently, WiFi alliance, the alliance […]

An Introduction to Wireless Speaker System

The development of wireless technology has come to the speaker system. Nowadays, you can find speaker systems that don’t need wire to data transferring at all. Instead, these speaker systems use wireless technology to stream the music, news report, or podcast from your tablet, smartphone, or even multi room receiver. Yes, we’re talking about Wireless […]

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