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Wi-Fi Technology Applications

This page will talk about Wi-Fi technology applications. Seeing that the trend toward this kind of connection is getting bigger by day, we think that it will be really valuable to discuss about it in here. So, the understanding about this technology can be absorbed well by our civilized people. So, they can increase their […]

WiFi Hallow, the New Future Standard from WiFi Alliance

Talking about wireless connection, WiFi must be the most familiar technology we’ve ever heard. This is the technology that has penetrated to almost every existing personal device. And with the huge numbers of user, this technology keeps evolving and inventing something new to fulfill the needs of its customers. And recently, WiFi alliance, the alliance […]

Approval Test Standard for Router Devices in Indonesia

Nowadays, internet connection is something really important for life. Not only for the military work, like it used to be used, but now it has covered so many other aspects. Some aspects such as entertainment, health, transportation, education, office, and mainly communication, are already using internet connection. We can even barely find personal devices such […]

The Introduction of Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner

The use of Barcode Scanner has been viral in so many industries. This kind of device is really important especially to get the data from certain product through its barcode. By using this device, employee’s job will be much easier since they don’t have to input the barcode numbers anymore. Therefore the risk of mistake […]

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