AirPods Pro Alternative

AirPods Pro alternative – It is an undeniable fact that Apple sets the trend of many breakthrough technologies.

The super thin MacBook, full touchscreen iPhone, catchy iPod, or elegant yet vibrant Apple watch, you name it.

Even though the company may not be the first to introduce the concept, but it is Apple who triggers other manufacturers to launch similar products. And the same case is also applied to Airpods, their breakthrough TWS products.

Some Brands with Considerable Products for AirPods Pro alternative

However, this “setting-up trend” thing that Apple does costs much. Airpods, is premium purchase that not everyone is able to afford. Especially for the Airpods Pro, the most advanced one, the TWS may cost higher than the phone they’re using.

So for those who wants to experience the ease of using Airpods Pro but with lower price point, here we have some products from other brands that could be AirPods Pro alternative.


Amazon Echo Buds are good alternative if you want to find wireless earbuds that is similar to Airpods Pro. One of the benefits is that you get earbuds with an Active Noise Reduction or ANR system. It works well to eliminate frequency noises.

The buds can work well with your virtual assistance. So feel free to give control to Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa directly from the buds.

AirPods Pro Alternative - Amazon Echo Buds
Amazon Echo Buds – AirPods Pro Alternative ?

Amazon seems not only focuses on the sound quality but also the performance of Echo Buds. Five hours of usage is a long time for a small form factor earbud. You can even use this product for up to 20 hours with its charging case.

The idea of Echo Buds is to offer affordable earbuds with great features. As for the price point, you can get this earbud with similar functionality to Airpods Pro by spending $130.


Sony does the same thing by offering Sony WF-1000XM3. People claim that this product is the closest earbud to the AirPods Pro. As an AirPods Pro alternative, this earbud has an Active Noise Cancellation or ANC.

The main function of this feature is to reduce frequency noises by creating reversed-frequency from the noises caught by microphone. So it can offer high-quality and clear sound with minimum noise.

AirPods Pro Alternative - Sony WF-1000XM3
Sony WF-1000XM3 – AirPods Pro Alternative ?

On the power supply sector, you can use this product for six hours, along with its ANC, and eight hours when you turn off the ANC. This battery performance is better than Amazon Echo Buds and even AirPods Pro.

Sony even adds a volume control feature that AirPods Pro doesn’t have. However, this earbud and its charging case are bigger than AirPods Pro, and it is the downside.

PowerBeat Pro

PowerBeat Pro is perfect for those who love to spend time in the gym. It is similar to AirPods Pro, along with its IPX4 certification.

Sports lovers love this earbud because of its waterproof. Your sweat will not affect the system. The manufacturer creates an earbud that fits to the ears.

This product will keep steady in your ears even if you are jumping, running, or doing lift weights. Another great thing is the fast-charging system. You only have to charge for about five minutes before using it for 1.5 hours.

A fully-charged battery can stand up to 24 hours with its charging case. To afford all these, $250 seems worth it for a pair of earbuds that similar to AirPods Pro.

AirPods Pro Alternative - Powerbeats Pro
Powerbeats Pro – AirPods Pro Alternative ?


Treblab comes out with its latest wireless earbud known as Treblab X5. It becomes one of the recommended alternatives for AirPods Pro because of its sound quality.

Thanks to the beryllium drivers that boost your comfort while listening to music or audio files. The manufacturer also uses Bluetooth 5.0 version to improve the connectivity and instant pairing.

BT 5.0 seems to be a standard for current TWS products. This offers very low latency while at the same time managing to consume small amount of power. This means that the buds battery life should be superior.

Silicone and foam materials are enough to reduce frequency noises. You only need to wait for the battery to fully-recharged for two hours before using the earbud again.

Users who are active or love to do sports don’t need to worry about excess sweat because of the waterproof protection system.


Well, again, the South Korean Technology mogul has to face Apple head to head in the game of TWS.. Samsung also joins the earbud competition by releasing Samsung Galaxy Buds.

As a wireless earbud, this product is using Bluetooth 5.0 for fast and instant connectivity. The Samsung codec makes the streaming quality is closest to AirPods Pro.

AirPods Pro Alternative - Samsung aglaxy Buds
Samsung aglaxy Buds – AirPods Pro Alternative ?

The use of dynamic drivers works well to produce high-quality sound with great bass response. You can search for your favorite music or audio via Spotify easily with this earbud.

Samsung also improves its battery performance, so users gets 24 hours of playing time for a fully-recharged battery.

Samsung seems to put this product into Samsung ecosystem too by adding wireless charging. So, for you who use other Samsung product that supports wireless power share, this earbud will be a good match.


Bose SoundSport Free is also one of the best AirPods Pro alternative s. This product has similar specifications to AirPods Pro, such as IPX4 water-resistant and StayHear+ ear tips.

These specifications allow you to use this product without worrying about sweat and types of activities.

iOS users can also use this earbud comfortably because of the AAC codec feature. This feature produces high-quality stereo sound to your ear.

You can use at least 5.5 hours without the charging case and 10 hours with the charging case. The manufacturer offers this product for only $180. It is a great price for earbuds that similar to AirPods Pro.

AirPods Pro Alternative - Bose SoundSport Free
Bose SoundSport Free – AirPods Pro Alternative ?


Jlab comes with Jlab Epic Air Sport to keep relaxed while doing exercises. The battery life is impressive in which you can use this product for up to 10 hours without its charging case. You can even enjoy music or audio for up to 70 hours with its charging case.

JLab Epic Air Sport has great battery performance because of its bigger size battery. As the consequence, you will use a pair of earbuds with a big charging case.

The manufacturer lets its users adjust the EQ to get the best sound quality by choosing a signature, balanced, bass boost, and be aware mode.


Jabra is taking their business class audio quality into the earbuds game. We even think that this is not an AirPods Pro alternative.

But rather, their product is AirPods Pro challenger. Take a look at Jabra Elite 85t that was currently released into the market.

It’s solid, has bigger sound, best fit, and most importantly it has advanced ANC system too. In terms of price, this new Jabra product is lower than Airpods Pro.

Or, if 85t is too much, you can take Jabra Elite 75t for small and lightweight earbuds like the AirPods Pro.

Don’t underestimate the small design because it offers enormous bass quality. The charging case is also small, so you can easily slip it into the pocket.

You can listen to your favorite music or audio for up to 7 hours without its charging case and 28 hours with its charging case.

Jabra – AirPods Pro Alternative ?

Moreover, Jabra users are also amazed by the precise buttons that easy to press. Yes, it uses physical button unlike other brands that use touch control.

For many people, having physical buttons is more comfortable than touch control that usually inactive when the product is wet.

Moreover, Jabra also supports their products with IP56 protection for impressive passive noise isolation. Indeed, Both Elite 75t and 85t are a more affordable option than AirPods Pro.

Check out our review about the difference between these two in: Jabra Elite 75t vs Elite 85t

Master and Dynamic

The MW07 Plus by Master and Dynamic is also one of the recommended earbuds close to AirPods Pro. The model looks attractive, along with good sound quality. Users can use this product for up to 10 hours without the charging case.

This product works well for up to 40 hours with its charging case. The specifications may not as be outstanding as other earbuds on this list, but you can still get a good alternative for AirPods Pro.

AirPods Pro alternative: Conclusion

The list above is not to discredit Apple Airpods Pro. It is generally acknowledged that Airpod Pro is great products.

As stated above, the buds are also pioneering some technologies in earbuds industry. However, Apple’s product is not on everyone’s reach.

So this AirPods Pro alternative list was made as reference for those who want to experience Airpods functionality, or TWS functionality in general, but with cheaper price point.

But still, because they are designed and built by other makers, some earbuds may offer features that you can’t find on AirPods Pro and some products may not have as many features as Airpods. So the choice is all yours. Cheers!

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