Canon EOS M5: Features, Price, Release Date

Canon EOS M5, The trend toward bulky big DSLR is about to end. Now, people are more prefer to choose compact size and easy-to-carry camera which offers relatively similar quality of DSLR.

With this more compact size, this kind of camera can be carried everywhere easily without causing any heavy burden in carrying it.

This is when the trends are moving from DSLR to mirrorless-kind-of-camera. With the outstanding photography result and much more compactly fashionable appearance, this camera has turned to be the rockstar.

And to fulfill the need toward mirrorless camera, Canon has currently launched their new device called Canon EOS M5.

Features of Canon EOS M5

Be Ready for New Fighters from Canon: the Canon EOS M5

Canon EOS M5 is one mirrorless camera from Canon with outstanding performance and big deal of features. From the outside this camera looks extraordinarily catchy.

The majority of black color outside gives it rather dark and elegant impression. The use of polycarbonate materials gives you the lighter weight than the weight of aluminum of simply magnesium alloy.

However, this Canon EOS M5 is still able to manage itself to be felt sturdier. As stated before, the overall body looks so compact with only 115.6×89.2×60.6mm of dimension and 427g of weight.

To support its capturing activity, 24 MPs sensor is believed to be the main supporting components.

This sensor is already completed with Dual Pixel APS-C sensor technology that will give you the best result of pictures. With this equipment, the photos you are taking will be more depth-aware focus in most of the frames.

On the top of the camera, you can find 2.36 millions dots electronic viewfinders and several controls that are easy to operate.

And to support its functionality, a nicely done sensitive tilt-able 1.62 millions dots touchscreen is applied to review your capturing result.

For you who likes to capture your moment in moving picture, the Canon EOS M5 will definitely please yourself. With Video recording capability of 60 fps, this camera offers you clear and smooth HD video.

Moreover, you can shoot 7 fps continuously. While in exposure locked and focus mode, this camera will be able to take pictures in 9 fps of speed.

Moreover, in the data transferring, the availability of Wi-Fi technology and Bluetooth technology will be really helpful to share the capturing result.

With these connections, you can just share your photo to your personal device such as Laptop and smartphone easily.

Price and Release Date

Be Ready for New Fighters from Canon: the Canon EOS M5

With those features, this camera is ready to take Sony a6000 and 6300, and also GX85 and GX8 face to face. And with all these cameras in the market, the competition will definitely be tighter.

And for you who can’t wait to own this camera, your time is almost come. The current rumor stated that the Japanese camera manufacturer, Canon, is ready to bring this camera in.

The shipping process is rumored to be started by the end of November or the beginning of December 2016. While for the pricing, it is expectedly to be sold around 1050 Pounds. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself, and book now!

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