An Explanation to Car Diagnostic Tool

Sometimes, manually diagnose our car is a bit complicated, especially if we have no basic understanding about automotive. This problem is not only faced by the car owner, but even for the car mechanic itself.

Indeed, sometimes car controls are difficult to understand since each car has totally different specifications. But, with the help of a car diagnostic tool device, all of this problem will be solved easily.

Then, what car diagnostic tool actually is? Car diagnostic tool is actually an electronic device tool that is used to diagnose, interface with, and even reprogram the control module of the car. This is the device that will definitely be functional for all car owners or even mechanics. With this device, diagnosing problem that happen in the car control module will be so easy, quick, and simple. Therefore, the next execution can be done faster.

There are several kinds of car diagnostic tool in the market. They are started from the one that uses simple code reader, until the one which is able to do bi-directional computer function with advance programming capability.

In doing the scanning function, the tool should be connected to the data link of the vehicle through link connector (DLC). Some of the products are only able to diagnose the trouble codes, while some others have more advance capabilities.

What Car Diagnostic Tool Actually Is

With this, capability, of course, diagnosing problem will be much easier. And here, we are going to tell you the operation of this device.

In doing its functions, the scanning tool will display the user with live data stream, calibrate module with particular parameter, and also having bi-directional controls. But, sometimes particular scanning tools don’t have any access to the module since it needs to have specific software and also pass-through device.

Advantage of Using Car Diagnostic Tool

What Car Diagnostic Tool Actually Is

Ease and practicality are something that user will definitely get when they are using car diagnostic tool. But, outside of those two things, there will be even more advantages you’ll definitely get. They are:

1. Standardized Diagnosing Method

With application of EPA mandate in the years of 1996, the standard requirements for all car manufacturer has been stated. Therefore, all of the vehicle products that are produced afterward should meet this standard when designing the computer interface of their vehicles.

Therefore, all of the vehicle products afterward are commonly using On Board Diagnostic (OBD) standard version II. And as a result, after 1996 all of the vehicle products should use a standard that is compatible with any kinds of car diagnostic tool devices.

2. No More Confusing Problem Codes

Before using modern car diagnostic tool, user should be confused with the complicated trouble codes. After they plug the scanner device into the car system, the device will instantly do the scan. When the scan is done, it will show you the applicable trouble codes.

Unfortunately, these codes are complicated and confusing to understand. But, with the modern diagnostic tool, car owner can go online to find out the meaning of those codes. Further, if you have no sufficient internet network to do this, you can manually transcript the codes through booklet, CD, or even user manual of this car diagnostic tool.

3. Comprehensive Scanning System for Entire Vehicle Sensor

Modern day vehicle are completed with so many sensors inside it. Sensors such as automatic transmission, ignition system, fuel injection, and others are spread all around the parts of the vehicle. And one red line that we can take from here is that all of the sensors are connected to one computer module.

These sensors gathering data from some aspects of the cars, and send them to the main computer module. Therefore, by accessing the module through car diagnostic tool, we can find out the problems that happen in certain part of the cars.

The Device Needs to Obtain SDPPI Type Approval

It is commonly known for post and telecommunication devices to obtain approval before distributed in certain country. And for the case of Indonesia, they need to obtain SDPPI type approval. This rule is stated in Indonesian Regulation No. 16 Tahun 2018 about telecommunication devices certification.

This regulation stated that every communication device that still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, is mandatory to have type approval certification.

Read more about SDPPI Approval in: SDPPI Approval Services

While in the case of car diagnostic tool, this device employs radio frequency to get work. Therefore, before marketed in Indonesia, it should obtain SDPPI Type approval first.

Further, if you are interested in buying this device, we have a reference to be reviewed. As we know, there are so many car diagnostic tool products in the market. But, the following products are highly recommended to choose. They are BLUEDRIVER OBD2 BLUETOOTH SCAN TOOL, BAFX PRODUCT OBD2 BLUETOOTH SCANNER, INNOVA 3040C DIAGNOSTIC SCAN TOOL, Autel MaxiSYS MS906 Wifi Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Update Online.

However, there are still possibilities of some other products have the same quality or even better than the products mentioned before. And if you have any ideas about what car diagnostic tool brands are they, you can help us to rearrange the list by putting your opinion in the comment session below.finally, we hope that this article  will be useful as your reference.

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