How to do Kawasaki Vulcan S Exhaust Modification

If you are the one who have Kawasaki Vulcan S, maybe sometime you will think about Kawasaki Vulcan S exhaust modification. Actually, every person who love automotive or motorcycle very much, he will do anything to have a motorcycle that covers his need and his will. By modifying the motorcycle, he will find the suitable features for his motorcycle.

How to do Kawasaki Vulcan S Exhaust Modification

It is also happen to Kawasaki Vulcan S, this type is very good but also can be modified as the owner’s need. But, if you want to try to modify your Kawasaki Vulcan S, you must considered many things and make sure that the modification will make you feel satisfied and not regret.

What is Modification? Do I Need Modification?

Modification is a process to make all things change into your will. In Kawasaki Vulcan S, the feature can be modified is exhaust system. However, exhaust is very important part and can be modified to be an exhaust that has strong or low sound. The choice is in your hand.

If you want to choose the sound as your need and don’t fit with your need, you can do modification for your Kawasaki Vulcan S exhaust. Modification can be done by yourself.

But if you are doubt, you can ask a professional to modified your motorcycle and make sure that every part which changes the former feature is the new part and also original, has the strong material and good quality. It should be done to make your motorcycle become perfect after the modification.

The Things should be Considered in Modifying Kawasaki Vulcan S Exhaust

Kawasaki Vulcan S Exhaust Modification
Kawasaki Vulcan S Exhaust Modification

The most important part in modifying the exhaust is choosing the type and quality of exhaust. You should do these steps;

Look at the pipe hollowing that precision.

The first step is by doing motorcycle precision. With precision hollowing, your motorcycle can add torsion power.

Avoid the stain on the exhaust

Don’t choose the exhaust that has stain. It will make your exhaust has less efficiency in using fuel.

Look at the composition of the exhaust

You can choose the exhaust which made from stainless steel. For testing it, you can use magnet to test it. If the magnet not adheres in the exhaust, then the exhaust is made from stainless steel.

Choose the model of exhaust

This is depending on your need. There are so much model of exhaust can be the choice for your Kawasaki Vulcan S. You can choose it by yourself, as your need and as your will.

Choose the right price of exhaust

This is very important for you. Before you choose the best exhaust to be modified, you must fit it with your budget. You are not only choosing the good exhaust, but also the exhaust that fit with your budget. It will be better for you.

An Example video of Exhaust Sound: Kawasaki Vulcan S Exhaust Modified

Check it out video below, this video is mine of the result exhaust sound for Kawasaki Vulcan s modified. I was using Silencer of Harley Davidson type FAT BOB 2012, exhaust made into true dual.

Those are the explanation about modification and the way to do modification for your Kawasaki Vulcan S exhaust. Globally, you just need to fix the exhaust as your need—the sound, the look, the composition and the price.

When you can get the exhaust that fulfills your expectation, it means that you are successful in doing Kawasaki Vulcan S exhaust modification. Appreciate if you are willing to share your knowledge by leaving a comment related to Vulcan S exhaust modification :-)

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  1. I’d love to use the same exhaust method you did! Could you list the parts I need? and how you made the modifications? Thank you!


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