iPhone 5 Finger Tips Guide

For users of the iPhone 5 may require quick guide to the iPhone 5 Finger Tips. As an example of how to operate the camera on the iPhone 5, From the Lock screen, slide the Camera button Quickly access up to the camera, or tap the Camera icon on the Home screen.

Adjust the focus and exposure by tapping anyone or anything on the screen. To take a picture, tap the Camera button or press one of the volume buttons.

Tap Options to shoot a panoramic photo. To record HD video, set the switch to Video, then tap the Record button. You can even tap the Camera button to snap a photo while recording.

iphone 5 finger tips guide
iphone 5 finger tips guide

Other examples such as how to use a map in iPhone 5. To see where you are on a map, tap the Location button. A blue dot Appears at your current position. Use two fingers to rotate the map, or pinch to zoom.

To tilt the map, drag two fingers up or down. Find places around you by typing words like “Starbucks” or “pizza” in the search field. Tap the Quick Route button to start turn-by-turn navigation. Curl up the map page to display track conditions and change the map view. For details, see Quick Start Guide to use iPhone 5 Finger Tips below.

iPhone 5 Finger Tips – Quick Start Guide

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