IPhone 5 & iPhone 6s Battery Comparison

Now we are going to see the iPhone 5 & iPhone 6s Battery Comparison. This comparison will compare the battery life dealing with the features of this smartphones itself, the battery comparison in normal daily life, and how the batteries deal with some draining applications.

iPhone 5 & iPhone 6s Battery Comparison

As we know, it is essential for a smartphone manufacturer to give adequate battery for their products. When the need of battery is naturally increasing due to the consumption of application or the system itself, the manufacturers are trying to find ways to increase battery life.

It is not only about giving bigger battery capacity in the smartphone, but it’s also about other aspects. These aspects are some tweak done in the product, optimization on the operating system, chip, or the technology of the battery itself.

Iphone 5 & Iphone 6s Battery Comparison
Iphone 5 & Iphone 6s Battery Comparison

So, in this iPhone 5 and iPhone 6s Battery Comparison, we’ll talk about some aspects that may affect on the battery life such as OS, Daily Usage, Display, and Gaming.

Different Operating System

First thing to know is that both smartphones are released in different year. iPhone 5 was released in 2012 while iPhone 6s was in 2015. Logically, this difference will lead difference in iPhone 5 and iPhone 6s Battery Comparison.

In 2012, iPhone 5 is released with iOS 6 by default that having 1440mAH battery is enough. It is different with iPhone 6s that is released with iOS 9 and all features it has including Siri which is smarter than before.

Those features consume more power to work. However, the 1715mAH battery on iPhone 6s works very well to give this smartphone life in a day before charging in evening. But, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6s Battery Comparison becomes not so fair because the differences above. Obviously, iPhone 6s wins.

Normal Daily Usage

Now we go to the iPhone 5 & iPhone 6s Battery Comparison in normal daily usage. Here we’ll compare both performance in term of daily usage. This means, the comparison is done with active cellular data, moderate usage of browsing and checking social media, taking some pictures and playing music.

In conclusion, battery on iPhone 6s can perform better than that of iPhone 5. iPhone 6s still alive until evening while iPhone 5 need to be charged twice as same usage period.

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Display also affects on the iPhone 5 & iPhone 6s Battery Comparison. iPhone 6s has larger 4.7-inch screen with resolution of 750 x 1334 pixel, in fact it consumes more power than 4-inch LCD on iPhone 5 with lower resolution.

However, the presence of co-processor on iPhone 6s can reduce the duty of main processor dealing with phone sensors. In this session iPhone 6s still wins.


Since the modern 3D games require heavy graphic spec, it will be wiser if we test the phones with a casual 2D games: Nova 3.

We don’t take heavy 3D games on the battery comparison between iPhone 5 and iPhone 6s, instead, Nova 3 is good option as it is comfortably playable on both iPhone 5 and iPhone 6s.

With fairly low brightness, iPhone 5 can perform for about 5 hours before dying. iPhone 6s can perform longer than that of iPhone 5.

As a note: the bodies of the two become hot. Battery of iPhone 6s can perform better that what iPhone 5 can offer. It is not only the matter of battery capacity but also RAM, the processor and co-processor on iPhone 6s.

As iPhone 6s has better specification, it is easy to play Nova 3 on it. iPhone 5 is on the other hand, the lower specification of this phone make it forces the resource to make the game playable in adequate graphic. Consequently, the battery drains faster that iPhone 6s.


Again, from the iPhone 5 & iPhone 6s Battery Comparison, we can conclude that battery life not only a matter of capacity. But, the whole system and supporting items on the phone such as RAM and processor take part on battery life. In this case, iPhone 6s may win the game. But, with such specification, iPhone 5 is relatively upper-class then other competes.

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