iPhone 5 vs iPhone 7 Battery Comparison

In this occasion we are going to see iPhone 5 vs iPhone 7 Battery Comparison. It is not fair enough actually to compare battery performance of two smartphones who have many differences inside. However, it becomes interesting when some people have reported that iPhone 7 has poor battery life.

And we are curious enough to compare it with iPhone 5. As a note, in this comparison we see that the different specification may affect battery performance. But, we try to treat them equally to see how far you will be juiced with this phone. And here is the comparison.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 7 Battery Comparison

The battery comparison between iPhone 5 and iPhone 7 will see the battery as well as other specs. At first, we are going to see the technology applied in the phones which may lead different battery life.

iPhone 5 was released in the end of 2015 with dual-core Apple A6 as its processor with 1440mAH battery. iPhone 7 is the current smartphone from Apple which was released in 2016 with quad-core Apple A10 chip and 1960mAH battery.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 7 Battery Comparison
iPhone 5 vs iPhone 7 Battery Comparison

This is a smart chip which has two clusters to do different works. One cluster is used for heavy-duty work and the other is for lightweight process. This separation, however, will increase battery life by moving the duty to the energy-saving cluster when in moderate usage.

So, does it work like a charm? Not really. You need to recharge iPhone 7 not until you hit the pillow in moderate usage. It is better that that of iPhone 5 which has to be recharged far before iPhone 7 is dying.

Moderate Usage

Next we will see the iPhone 5 vs iPhone 7 Battery Comparison in moderate usage. In normal usage, when you don’t use the phones for games or for high-res video recording, the two smartphone can perform well with their battery.

iPhone 7 still alive until evening and dying before you sleep. And in the case of iPhone 5, it will lose its power before evening.

If you use the phone constantly, you can get 6 hours of constant life in iPhone 7 and about 5 hours in iPhone 5. However, if you remember when Apple claimed iPhone 7 has better battery life compared to iPhone 6s, the expectation has been too far.

People may think that we’ll charge up the phone for a whole day until next morning. But, even though the battery can perform better than that of iPhone 5, but it is still not so impressive.


Now we are going to see the battery comparison between iPhone 5 and iPhone 7 in term of gaming. The comparison does not fair when we see the difference of RAM and processor. But it will be fair enough as iPhone 7 has to work with larger screen and higher resolution.

Playing Clash Royale for about 30 minutes drains 12% battery in iPhone 7. While for iPhone 5, it spends about 20%. When in Netflix for about 2 hours iPhone 7 uses about 15% battery.

While iPhone 5, it spends about 17% power. In this case the power management on iPhone 7 performs better, especially with processor separation.


In conclusion of Battery Comparison between iPhone 5  and iPhone 7, iPhone 7 seems to be superior to iPhone 5. This fact is obvious as 7 is a current model of iPhone from Apple. In term of battery performance, iPhone 7 performs better too.

Thanks to its bigger battery capacity and its latest technology applied. But, we can’t also underestimate the power of iPhone 5. Because with its specification which is lower than iPhone 7, it still can compete in term of battery life.

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