iPhone 8 News; Experts Predict the Upcoming iPhone Will Disappoint

As the release day of new Apple smartphone is getting closer, the iPhone 8 news keep circling around. In September, Apple is expected to reveal one of its grandest iPhones yet, in celebration of the handset’s 10th year anniversary.

Rumors have already begun circulating regarding the possible appearance and features of the upcoming iPhone 8. However, the world’s top Apple insiders suggest that it may turn out to be a disappointment.

iPhone 8 News; Will the Upcoming iPhone Really Disappoint?

iPhone 8 News; iPhone 8 variant prediction
iPhone 8 news – Photo Credit: Martin uit Utrecht Flickr via Compfightcc

Why would one of the most anticipated smartphone this year disappoint the public? Read on below to learn more about Apple’s next smartphone.

Display-embedded sensor

Many of the technology blogs are reporting iPhone 8 news these days. And one of the biggest concern is on the display. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo indirectly confirmed a few details about the California-based tech company’s plans for the next Apple phone.

iPhone 8 News; iPhone 8 display prediction
iPhone 8 news – Photo Credit: Martin uit Utrecht Flickr via Compfightcc

The analyst has been known for his ‘very accurate’ predictions when it comes to previous iPhones. He discussed the rumored integrated fingerprint sensor on the display feature, which is a first for a widely available smartphone.

Ahead of the iPhone 8, Qualcomm had announced its own display-embedded fingerprint sensor in June, but if Apple will pursue this feature, then it will be the first device to be shipped worldwide with this advanced technology.

Through iPhone 8 news spread over the media, some experts argue that the iPhone 8 is the right device to launch this feature considering that Samsung has already upgraded its biometric sensors and display dimensions on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Based on O2’s Galaxy S8 Plus product page, the Korean tech giant has upgraded its fingerprint technology to the more secure iris scanning tech and launched its borderless infinity display. This gave the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus a mountain to climb, as Samsung made huge pre-order sales this year.

However, Kuo dismissed the iPhone 8 news that the upcoming Apple smartphone will have an under-display Touch ID sensor. Apple is said to be having an issue perfecting the technology.

If the leaked images of the iPhone 8 photos on BGR are real, then it appears Apple is planning to move forward with putting the Touch ID sensor at the back of the device rather than on the front panel.

Kuo went to explain that Samsung isn’t being rushed into launching the feature on their Galaxy Note 8 or the next Galaxy S model, which means it’s possible that Apple won’t reveal it either.

The analyst suggests that the Note 9 may be the first Samsung device to feature a display with a built-in fingerprint scanner some time next year.

No wireless charging yet

While Apple confirmed the possibility of the next iPhones having wireless charging, the road ahead isn’t as smooth as they’d hoped.

iPhone 8 News; Upcoming iPhone Will Disappoint
iPhone 8 news – Photo Credit: Martin uit Utrecht Flickr via Compfightcc

Apple analyst John Gruber tweeted about the topic, saying the technology won’t come in the retail packaging of the iPhone 8. He explained that the feature might be delayed as it waits for the first major release of the iOS 11.

“I’ve heard that inductive charging will (a) be sold separately, and (b) might be late, waiting for iOS 11.1 (a la Portrait mode last year),” John Gruber (@gruber) wrote on his Twitter account last month.

While Apple was initially rumored to be looking at radio frequency-based wireless charging, Gruber dismissed it and specifically mentioned inductive charging.

This is the same technology used on wireless charging Android handsets and accessories for iPhones. The inductive charger is projected to arrive later in the year as it will be sold separately and will require the next major iOS update to turn on the feature.

The delay may be Apple’s way of tweaking the frequency and operation of the inductive charging system to lock users into using ‘Made For iPhone’ products only.

Possible delay on sale

While developments about the rumored features may be hard to swallow, Apple fans can expect more heartache.

According to iPhone 8 news from analyst Ewan Spence’s Forbes article, the tech company may delay putting the iPhone 8 on sale until there is sufficient stock to meet the demand, as the company wants to avoid the risk of disappointing consumers.

Spence warned: “If that’s the case, we may never know just how weak the first week sales turn out.”

Spence went onto suggest that Apple may release the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus first within a standard price range before the release of the iPhone 8.

This will allow Apple to continue working on producing the best possible iPhone 8. Along with many iPhone news, it’s also spread a rumour that there may be a limited release in September which will make a batch available to the consumers before the general release.

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