Kawasaki VN2000; Specification, Parts Catalog

Kawasaki VN2000 Parts Catalog – Kawasaki Vulcan is an iconic cruiser manufactured by Japanese well known motorcycle, Kawasaki. Firstly introduced in 1984, until now the company has manufactured many types of Vulcan.

Started with the first VN750 series in 1984, now the latest model is Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 that has been produced in 2009 until now. But, above all series, Kawasaki Vulcan VN2000 is the most iconic one.

Not only it has the highest capacity ever, but it’s also completed with unique specifications. And if you are owner of this robust cruiser, it is important for you to own the Kawasaki VN2000 Parts Catalog.

Kawasaki VN2000 Parts Catalog is a must having item for the owner of this strongly robust bike. With the highly complex specification it has, it is a bit difficult to understand the whole parts of the bike. It also happens even for the mechanic.

Therefore, to understand the detail information about it, you need to take a look to the parts catalogue. This is the useful catalogue that will tell users about the whole parts of their VN 2000 cruiser. Especially when this product is considered as not the recent model or the old one. Some owners may loose their catalogue, so they need to look for another one.

Kawasaki VN2000 is one product that considered quite old in the Vulcan line. This is the reflection of company’s response to the high public interest toward big capacity motorcycle.

This cruiser is firstly introduced in 2004 as the replacement of current model Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 series. There are three models that built under the same frame. The first one is VN2000 Base, then VN2000 Classic, and the last is VN 2000 Classic LT. All of them are having complex specifications that can be seen in Kawasaki VN2000 Parts Catalog.

From the outside, we see the Kawasaki hard work seems to be paid off. The whole look of Kawasaki Vulcan VN200 is absolutely amazing. It reflects the true identity of biker. With the large scale of bodywork and classical trim, this bike is ready to accompany you to strike in every terrain.

Further, it is also stated in Kawasaki VN2000 Parts Catalog, that the physical appearance of the three models are different. In the base model, we can see “bug-eye” nacelle projection of chromed headlight. 

While the traditional headlight, we can find it in the Classic series. And for the Classic LT, it is similar to the classic with some accessories additions. These accessories are saddlebag, floorboards, windshield, and backrest for the passenger.

Specifications Based on Kawasaki VN2000 Parts Catalog

Kawasaki VN2000
Kawasaki VN2000

Going into the specifications, these three models have the great deal of specifications. From the Kawasaki VN2000 Parts Catalog, we can see that all of them are using typical V-Twin engine that can generate 2053cc of capacity.

Featured with the fuel injection technology, this engine can generate 116 hp of power with 141 lb ft of torque.  Further, this monstrous cruiser is also completed with the Electronic Engine Control Unit, belt drive, double cradle frame steel, and others.

Overall, what we can assure you here is that the specification of the VN200 is above average. And if you are about to find out what other specifications are in the package, you can refer to the following Kawasaki Vulcan VN2000 Parts Catalog in PDF. This PDF is aimed to help owners who lost their parts catalogue to find some needed information about the Kawasaki VN200 cruiser.

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