Kawasaki Vulcan S Accessories and Features

Kawasaki Vulcan S accessories will be the great discussion for today. As we know Kawasaki has released their new product (kawasaki vulcan 650) in last year for motorcycle buyers. This new product really offers the riders for having the new experience. It will really make you the fit physic motorcycle. By its fresh design, you don’t need to wear big boot for riding it.

Well, there are also other features you have to know from this new product. So, do you want to know more about them? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss about Kawasaki Vulcan S accessories. Let’s check your best reference only here!

Kawasaki Vulcan S Accessories and Features

Kawasaki Vulcan S Accessories
Kawasaki Vulcan S Accessories and features

Great Features Part One

First of all, Kawasaki really offers you the matched designs of seat, handlebar options, and foot peg. How to get it? This company allows the dealers to give you some additional options of those spare parts. You can get them from the dealers with free charge. Well, it is really great, right?

Talking about Kawasaki vulcan s accessories, it also has forward mounted pegs that will offer you mounting spanning with trio points for three inches of each range. In other hand, you will get an alteration with the appropriate length of shift road. There are also three sculpted seats you will get. As the additional accessories, you will also get handle bar with pullback seat. It can be set on extended, mid, or reduced position. They will place the grips about 1.4 inches closer to you.

For your information, it offers you the reduced reach of the handle bar about 5 and 6 foot shorter to the rider. Meanwhile the extended taller will be about 6 foot for the rider too. Well, if you cannot fit those positions, you can choose the mid one. It will be the best alternative way for you. So, those are all some features you will find on this motorcycle.

Great Features Part Two

Well, what are the next features and accessories you will get on this motorcycle? For your information, this Vulcan series is completed by liquid cooled parallel about 649cc. It is actually derived from Ninja 650. It is also with fuel injected of DOHC. There are also revised cam profiles, modified intake tract, and ECU.

Those changes come with 28 percent increasing of flywheel mass. Well, you can set those changes with low or mid range according to what you like. You can also make them into smoother range operation. You will be able to ride in your city through some scenes with coastal view. It will really improve your fluidity through the light shifting of your gear box.

Besides that the power delivery will be very linear. It has usable range about 2,000 rpm to 9,900 rev limit. You can also set them into balance with the smoother and clear performance. Well, now you will really enjoy the performance of your motorcycle. Finally, those are all some reports of some features and also Kawasaki Vulcan S accessories.