How to Choose Saddlebags for a Vulcan

If you are a motorcycle lover, you must know about saddlebags for a Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS. Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS is a type of Kawasaki motorcycle which is very suitable for you who love motorcycle very much, especially strong and big motorcycle.

This type is very amazing and will give you satisfied. Why?

This type provides you the best accessories that make you confident when riding it. The accessories you can found in this type are Ergo-fit seats, KQR (Kawasaki Quick Release) in large and medium windshields, option of passenger backrest and saddlebags.

Here, you will know about saddlebags. You must know about it because it is the great accessories and will make you comfortable with its look.

What is Saddlebags?

A saddlebag is a storage you can set in your motorcycle, especially in the left or right side. This storage will help you to save many things when you want to go by riding your motorcycle.

But not only about it, saddlebag also has many benefit. You must know how to choose the best saddle bag for your Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS. Here, some tips for you to choose saddlebag for a Kawasaki Vulcan 650

  • Choose a strong and wide saddlebag. It is useful for you who always bring many things and need the wide storage. Strong and wide saddlebag will give you useful storage for saving many things.
  • Make sure that saddlebag you choose is fit with your Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS. To avoid the mistake, you can test it before you pay the saddlebags.
  • Fit it with your need and your will. It will make you more proud when riding your motorcycle.
  • Choose the saddlebag that can be opened on top side, it will make you easy to take anything in your saddlebag.

How to Set a Saddlebag

Saddlebags for Vulcan S

If you have chosen the right saddlebag for your Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS, you have to set the saddlebag well. You may feel confused when setting it, but here you will find the way to set it.

But before you set it, you must know that there are 3 common saddlebags you can choose, such as bags third party, custom bag and OEM. Now, you will know about tips to set OEM saddlebags for your Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS.

  1. Prepare the parts of saddlebags; KQR Saddlebag 99994-0522, KQR Bracket Kit 99994-0523B, and Saddlebag supports 99994-0521B
  2. Set the bracket kit
  3. Set the saddlebag support on the bracket kit
  4. Set the saddlebag to 3 hooks that are provided here.
  5. Your saddlebag has set well and makes your Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS become awesome.

Those are the tips for choosing the best saddlebag and the way to set it in your Kawasaki Vulcan S SBS. Make sure that you choose the right saddlebag—good looking, good in design, good in strength.

You will be very satisfied if you have the saddlebag like that. But you also should use the saddlebag which is suitable with your will, because it will make you comfortable when riding your motorcycle and also more confident because you set the accessories that you want.

Finally, I hope this article about saddlebags for a Kawasaki Vulcan S SBS will be helpful for you.

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