Nokia Steel Specifications; Simplicity on Point

For those who want a simple and traditional wrist watch that tracks activity and sleep as well, Nokia Steel should be something to consider. Bringing very simple look of an activity tracker, many people thought that this device is actually an ordinary wrist watch.

But, behind its very simplified outlook, the device has some activity tracking features that you can count on. Even though the features on Nokia Steel Specifications are so minimal compared to other dedicated activity tracker, at some points they are very useful and good to have.

Nokia Steel Specifications

Nokia Steel Specifications; Watch on hand
Nokia Steel Specifications

Indeed, Nokia Steel doesn’t do a lot. It doesn’t have heart rate which currently being so popular among new tracker device, it doesn’t show notification from your phones, and technically, it doesn’t even have screen just like other activity tracker products in the market. But, those are the points.

By this, manufacturer wants to bring a simple wearable device which appeals good and felt good. And yes, these ideas are emulated so well on Nokia Steel Specifications.

We’re so impress on how simple and elegant this device appeals, and the best thing is how comfortable it’s felt on hand. Wearing it is exactly like wearing ordinary wrist watch.

Nokia Steel Design

Nokia Steel Variants

Design is very pleasing. It’s simple, stylish, and doesn’t have too much gimmick. The strap is thin, and it perfectly meets to the shiny steel borders of watch body.

On the top side, it’s elegantly crowned by all black or white curved glass, depends on the watch variants (black or rose gold) you choose. And for your information, this device doesn’t have display, just a very traditional watch face.

As stated in Nokia Steel Specifications, the diameter of watch body is 1.3-inches, and it’s 0.45-inch thick. While for the weight, it is about 37 grams.

You can choose different materials on strap such as silicone which has 7 color variants, leather, or woven polyester strap. It’s all soft, comfortable, and felt just right on hand.

Looking at the watch face, we can see that the tracker is manufactured in premium built. The device is solid and there is no buttons there. By that, it makes Nokia Steel is waterproof until 5 ATM or 50 meters of depth. So, you don’t need to worry when using it while swimming.

However, manufacturer suggests to always getting jeweler help when replacing the battery. By this, it can help to keep the sealing so that the water resistant function is always in-tact.


Watch backside – Nokia Steel Specifications

As stated before there is not much to highlight on Nokia Steel Specifications. This device is very low key, and seems to be less ambitious than any other tracking devices.

The basic tracking function relies on 3-axis accelerometer sensor only; as simple as that. With this, you can simply count the steps taken or monitor your sleep.

And for all actions you take, the device will measure the fitness data such as distance taken, calories burned, as well as activity intensity graph. Then, this will be presented on smartphone via Health Mate App.

Talking deeper about Nokia Steel Specifications, the Activity Recognition seems to be the major thing offered by the Nokia Steel.

This feature is possible with the help of “Connected Movement” technology. By this, the tracker will automatically detect any activities taken such as movement, swimming, or running.

Moreover, the watch is also completed with Sleep Monitoring feature. With this feature, it will track your sleep like analyzing the deep sleep, light sleep, or sleep duration. Lastly, it also has Silent alarm that will wake you up gently y producing subtle vibration.

Since the device doesn’t have any screen and there are only 2 dials on watch face, reading measured data fully depends on Health Mate App. To sync Nokia Steel data to this app, you need to manually or automatically connect the watch to your smartphone.

In automatic synchronization, the watch will be automatically synced soon as your smartphone Bluetooth’s on. While in manual synchronization, you need to open the Health Mate App then manually sync it to your phone via Bluetooth.

This watch has Bluetooth Low Energy on board. So, any device with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher should be compatible with Nokia Steel.

Battery Life

battery life
Nokia Steel Specifications –

Battery capacity is one major concern in buying some kind of device, and this is the strong point of Nokia Steel Specifications. Buying this tracker, you won’t be ever disappointed with the life capacity from the battery.

Powered by traditional CR2025 battery cell, this fitness tracker from Nokia can last for around 8 months.

However, this lifetime depends on the intensity of feature using some feature such as alarm and so. The more you use this feature, the less the battery life will be.

As for the battery itself, Nokia Steel still uses traditional coin battery that usually used in traditional watch. And this battery is not rechargeable. So, you‘ll need to manually replace the old battery with the new one by opening the back side of the watch using screwdriver.

But, if you’re not good doing it, it is much recommended to get jeweler help instead replacing by yourself to keep the water sealing capability intact.

Nokia Steel Price Point

At its release, this elegant and simple fitness tracker was offered in $130/£120 for the black one. While for the rose gold edition, it’s slightly more expensive to be £130/$149.

Nokia Steel is not new device in market. It’s been released quite a while ago. So, the price might have been drop in some areas as to be around $100 or £80.

Indeed, you can find any cheaper fitness tracker device that offers more functionality than the Nokia Steel Specifications. But one thing for certain, no fitness tracker looks as good as Nokia Steel.

And for your information, Nokia has released another edition of this watch: Nokia Steel HR with additional small screen on face and Heart Rate Monitor sensor.

So, you can choose the original Nokia Steel for more traditional kind of look, or Nokia Steel HR for more sophisticated and more advance features. It’s all on your choice.

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