Apple Watch Series 5 Review: The Great Legacy Continues

Apple watch series 5 review, For long time, Apple has been successfully created smartwatch that would always be a “standard” for other similar products in the industry.

With Apple Watch product line, the Cupertino company has gained a big success. Not only that the products have elegance, but it also offers interesting features where you can’t find in other brands. And as usual, the legacy of Apple Watch continues to the latest series, the most advanced one, called Apple Watch series 5. And for you who wants to know deeper about this product, here is our Watch Series 5 review.

Apple Watch Series 5 Review

Talking about the latest series of Apple Watch, the device has everything. It provides information about your fitness, heart rate, and general user health information as well as help you to listen on your favorite music, notifying your friends or relatives.

It is also easy to make connection through text, email and phone while at the same time, successfully manages to look just good. And those are the strong point in this Apple Watch Series 5 Review.

Apple Watch Series 5 Design

Apple Watch Series 5 Review
Apple Watch Series 5 Review –

The Watch 5 was launched with aluminum case that comes in tree familiar colors. There are Gold, Space Black and Silver, which have some subtle weight differences on the more expensive material. On top of the watch, they have strong and rigid sapphire glass.

Moreover, the new Apple Watch also matches with all the previous watch straps as all of them the have same size. It means that you don’t need to deal with any unexpected incompatibility issues with the straps that you already have.

Fun fact: the previous series 38 mm and 42 mm bands will still work on you’re larger 40mm and 44mm Apple Watch. At this point, you’d probably substitute the straps with your friends who is also an Apple Watch users.

Apple Watch Series 5 Design Difference from Previous Series

Watch Series 5 Review
Apple Watch Series 5 Review

Comparing to the previous series, there are four new significant things on the Apple Watch Series 5. First, Apple offers the new type of materials that can be found on the casing.

Even so, you’re still able to get it in the standard aluminum and steel. Nonetheless, you can also spend more on titanium or ceramic material in new series.

Visually, appearance between Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch 4 are all same. For instance, they both have similar square screen design and digital crown control system where we see on countless Apple smartwatch series.

However, the only minor differences stem from the new Apple Watch 5 is the ceramic and titanium finish options. This is because in Apple Watch 4, it is only available in aluminum and stainless-steel finishes by comparison.

Apple Watch Series 5 Display

One difference you will notice is the Apple Watch’s new always-on feature, which keeps the display active even when you are not looking at it. It is enormously brilliant upgrade from Apple.

Vice president of product marketing Apple Watch San Ng claimed in spite of display keep on steady, it is not high consuming battery-life.

This is possible because it has some slick new screen technology that mitigates the ordinary battery. The new tech is called LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) display developed by Apple.

It can dynamically replace screen’s refresh rate from as fast as 60Hz, to as low as 1Hz. Thus, it might be possible to reduce consuming battery-life when it is in ambient model.

In addition, Watch Series 5 is also popular wearable device which has terrific battery life. It possible lasts up to 18 hours during normal use depending on how often you are using it. At least, it can fulfill utilizing the average people for about 12 hours.

Smart Watch Series 5 Review
Apple Watch Series 5 Review –

Apple Watch Series 5 Features

Talking about improving performance, Series 5 brings more technical enhancement and watch OS6. Compass is new app which shows you where you are headed either as a complication or as an app.

So, you need to worry if you are losing direction when going to somewhere you belong. Then, there is menstrual cycle tracking from the wrist. It might be accessed for women to log your cycle whenever.

Next, the noise installed in Watch series 5 can detects the decibels in the area, giving a warning when you are being exposed to dangerously loud noises.

Those are exciting additions that show Apple exploring innovation to grab more use from a wearable that can afford to be always on and always listening while you are riding.


Watch Series 5 Review - From Apple
Apple Watch Series 5 Review –

Mostly, people suppose that there will specific update in Watch Series 5. In fact, there are excellent upgrades such as new always-on display, compass, and new materials. However, they argue that Apple Watch Series 4 is still an excellent and powerful smartwatch.

Moreover, watch OS 6 is full of new features rather than previous Series. Some examples of these are noise detection, cycle tracking, the new Meridian watch face, and more. In spite of extending new watchOS features to the last year’s model, there is even less of an incentive to upgrade.

If the always-on display will change how the people use Apple Watch for example during workouts, the Apple Watch Series 5 is for you. Meanwhile, if you are demanding for ceramic or titanium materials, you would probably love to the Watch series 5

Watch Series 5 review: Price and Availability

Watch Series 5 Review - From Apple.
Apple Watch Series 5 Review –

At the end of Watch Series 5 review, let’s talk about how much does it take to bring this Apple’s brand new watch home.

This watch was introduced alongside the iPhone 11 line on September 10th. And just like the phones, you’ll be able to buy it on September 20, although if you want the Nike edition you’ll have to wait until October 4. It sets to cost $399 / £399 / AU$649 / AED 1,599 for the GPS-only model in the smaller 40mm size. The 44mm size costs a bit more, at $429 / £429 / AU$699.

The 40mm cellular model starts at $499 / £499 / AU$799 and goes up to $529 / £529 / AU$849 for the 44mm size. Most people won’t need the LTE version if they’re always carrying their iPhone with them, but the larger 44mm size usually nets you better battery life and offers larger touch points on the slightly bigger screen.

Originally Written by: Reno Prasetyo
Edited by: Eko Prasetyo

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