Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smartwatch : Best Budget Smartwatch

For you who love wearing smartwatch, you need to aware for newest innovation of XIAOMI, especially in Mi Band product line. This is because the latest series of this smart band is already released. It is XIAMOI Mi Band 4 smartwatch, which offers interesting features in more colorful form factor from the previous series Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

Mi Band 4 Smartwatch Overview

In this new series, Mi Band 4 appears with OLED display and its equipped with latest health sensor.

Battery life is also prodigious. It has upgraded tracking and more advance support, makes Mi Band 4 Smartwatch becomes recommended gadget to assist fitness easily.

With the flourishes and worthwhile upgrade, these novelties make the smartwatch most wanted and best seller device in the mid-year of 2019.

Mi Band 4 Design and Display

The previous series of XIAOMI Mi Band 3 was good. But, the new Mi Band 4 smartwatch is terrifyingly great. If we take a look to design, it is actually very simple, and clean, especially with the full-color-fired-up display.

On the watch face, there is touch screen display in the front of Mi Band 4’s core unit, while capacitive button is placed below it.

Under the face, is where the heart rate monitor sits and charging port place in alongside a logo pin.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smartwatch : Best Budget Smartwatch of 2019

Mi Band 4 smartwatch screen is bigger than its predecessor that is approximately 0.95 inches.

This screen is secured with strap made from thermoplastic which have simple security system and felt just comfortable on skin.

Interestingly, if you have and old Mi Band 3 straps, it will still suit on Mi band 4 as the straps got same specifications.

The viewing angle on this device is also significantly gorgeous because of brightness up to 400 nits. At least, if you are wearing Band 4 in indoor, it is easy to see by using smart gesture to turn it on with a wrist twist.

Despite it could be smartwatch replacement, it’s the first Mi Band device to feel like it. Furthermore, this form factor is also equipped with waterproof capability until 50 meters so, no need to take off this watch when you are going to swim or into the shower.

Performance and Software of Mi Band 4 Smartwatch

Mi Band 4 Fitness Tracking

Mi Band 4 Smartwatch from Xiaomi has been equipped with step tracking which is always on in day to day use. On the rear side, we can see heart rate sensor which sits directly on user’s skin.

This sensor isn’t always-on, so it will not record your heart rate when you are doing your activity. Instead you need to activate the sensor and it will record in the Mi Fit app on your phone.

Xiaomi will not leave cycling and swimming modes in the tracker. Those additional features stick together to make Xiaomi’s new tracker. However, our main complaint is some features like stopwatch or timer can’t be accessed by tracker during workout because in this mode, the main screen is locked to monitor the work out.

Mi Band 4 Spec and Features

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smartwatch : Best Budget Smartwatch of 2019

In Mi Band 4, manufacturer equipped it with 3—axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope.

These are essentials features for step-tracking for your daily life. Then, sleep tracking is also available which provide users REM in order to manage their health sleep schemes.

The default displays expose time information in nice and clearly manner. In addition, activity loop visually shows you how much exercise you have done today which is completed with percentage indicator and date.

Furthermore, you can also set variety notifications on your Mi Band 4 Smartwatch. For instance, calls, texts, alarms, reminders, and app notifications. Those could be customized through smartphone app.

Mi Band 4 Apps and Compatibility

Mi Band 4 smartwatch has featured by Bluetooth 5 which works with most of Android and iPhones. You only need to do download the Mi Fit app to your phone either from App Store or Play store to get it connected and synced. Very simple and easy.

You can set data into daily for better monitoring, such as showing your daily sleeping pattern, counting step, measuring heart rate and more. Taking in to account, Mi Fit app does cover basic activity that you need to do.

Tenacity Battery life of Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smartwatch

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 sports has 135 mAh battery. It is ever tested for training in somewhere for a week, and the battery shows that it only went down by 32%.

It matches with what Xiaomi’s stated that the watch could live for 20 days. If Xiaomi’s 20-days battery life proves true, we might only charge it up 8 times a year.

However, charging Mi Band 4 smartwatch is pretty tricky. You have to take the tracker out of its then slot it into a proprietary charger, same charging mechanism as previous series.

Mi Band 4 Smartwatch Price and Availability

Mi Band 4 is already selling on the market since June 2019 and it spread out globally now. You could order it on Amazon for $34.50, and you can find it in Xiaomi’s official store for £34.99 in UK.

Meanwhile you can find not only do in official Xiaomi Store but also in Amazon in Australia for AU$59. It also works in Indonesia. And for Chinese edition, Xiaomi also makes Mi Band 4 smartwatch version that is more expensive with additional NFC feature.


For those who are looking for an affordable fitness tracker which has basic smartwatch functional without breaking your wallet, you could find the answer in Xiaomi Mi Band 4. It’s thin, light and comfortable to wear and it might be your friend assisting your workouts and life.

Originally Written by: Reno Prasetyo
Edited by: Eko Prasetyo

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