Canon EOS 77D Specifications, Price, and Release Date

Talking about camera, the existence of Canon EOS 77D is really waited for. The camera is expected to be a good device that will cover all needs of both photographer and videographer. It’s a kind of anticipated new camera edition from Canon that brings good improved features. And as it is about to be launched to the market soon, the news about Canon EOS 77D specifications is getting bigger out there.

EOS 77D Body Design

As part of Canon EOS 77D Specifications, here we’re talking about the body and design of the camera. Well, Canon EOS 77D can be said as a good camera that has good specification.

The Japanese imaging company, Canon, is proven to keep its quality either in its hard feature or soft features. Firstly, we may see through its outlook.

Canon EOS 77D
image by canon

This camera is designed to be a typically cool DSLR camera that is comfortable enough to grip. Stays with its typical style, the camera has black color on the whole-body. And the body texture that is well-designed is to provide good handling for you. It’s truly good ergonomics and handling.

Further, Canon brings this edition to be a fine camera with a bit weighty body that is larger with body thickness 76mm. It weighs around 540g and has external dimensions of 131 x 100 x 76 mm (5.16 x 3.94 x 2.99″).Though, it’s included in average class of lightness.

Canon EOS 77D Release Date
image by canon

Comes for all beloved users, the camera is supported with good hard feature like the 3inches LCD screen in touch screen type which has a resolution of 1,040k dots. This screen resolution and screen size also includes standard in its class.

Canon EOS 77D Specifications

As some reviews states, Canon EOS 77D Specifications is epic. This camera is designed with high resolution sensor which is up to 24.0 megapixels. This one is more than enough if you are using the camera s a daily photography. The details on each picture are worth for it.

Besides, this one is paired with 6 fps continuous shooting that includes being fast in its type. For recording video, you will get it alright to create short video which is enabled with 1920 x 1080 Max Video Resolution.

Getting deeper to the Canon EOS 77D Specifications, in covering the needs of modern photography, the camera is coming with several modern features like Bluetooth connectivity, built-in Wi-Fi and also NFC connectivity.

This thing allows you to have easy sharing and easy controlling the camera through a smartphone.

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Those are really good, right? Well, Canon EOS 77D is designed with popular feature too such as face detection program and it’s very friendly for you who like to take some selfie.

May be you need to see that this camera has high ISO sensitivity which is up to 51200. And added with 45 focus point, makes it good to be a great camera. For supporting the need of recording video, this one is paired with external microphone port.

Canon EOS 77D Specifications

Well, a camera like Canon EOS 77D is a good camera for all users, including the amateur one. It is friendly enough to be your device since it is designed with understandable features and program. Maybe for professional it’s not really recommended.

Though, for daily use, this camera has good ability for that. Anyone can learn photography using this device. You would be so happy to create creative pictures of video using this. It can be used for you who like creating videos for uploading into social media. It’s fine for that thing.

Battery Pack

For battery, this device is empowered a battery pack from the kind of LP-E17 lithium-ion battery.  With a bit short battery life, Canon EOS 77D is just only enables to have 600 shoots. So, you need to buy extra batteries to keep your camera on for the longer time. But, for consideration you will find it designed with no environmental sealing. That’s why you need to give extra protection while using the camera.

The Price and Impression

Last thing to talk about Canon EOS 77D Specifications is impression. Overall, the camera performs so impressively. The sensor is great, great video capability, and amazing body design.

But, apparently the small battery capacity is a little bit frustrating for some outdoor photographers, especially for them who are not comfortable in bringing secondary battery.

Further, talking about pricing, this device is offered with $899.00. This is included as one of the lowest price. And for the release date, this camera is estimated to be launched this April 2017.

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