Nikon D820 Rumors, Specification, Price, Release Date

Rumors about Nikon’s new camera are getting bigger in order to welcome what may come out as new Nikon camera in 2017. If last year we were already impressed by Nikon D810, so this year, we’re wondering about what may be replacing the D810? Is it D820? Well, we just can speculate based on the news spread all over the world, including Nikon D820 Rumors.

Brought to all Nikon fans with best upgraded features, Nikon seems to keep all fans are faithful to this Japanese leading camera brand. So, how this Nikon D820 actually looks like? Here is the prediction based on some Nikon D820 Rumors.

Nikon D820 Rumors

If you are following some online forums that discuss what should be offered on Nikon’s table, almost all people are throwing their will in getting a good camera that has great features. Well, as a brand that has its consumers’ heart, Nikon has been so confident in creating big camera as its typical style. A black camera with ergonomic handling, Nikon logo on the front top, red stripe and its best Nikon lens is what’s really projected to be on the upcoming camera. Better backside camera with larger LCD screen in tilting touch screen technology and easy-to-operate buttons are expected too.

Further, lighter and more stylish looking of Nikon D820 is also speculated to be. The reason is because this is a professional use-DSLR camera that will attract enthusiast of all camera user levels.

And also, it’s a new edition that will replace its brother D810, so it should be a camera that fits in hand. That’s the possible external features that may be brought in this camera based on the Nikon D820 Rumors.


4K video? So many people say that the upcoming Nikon camera has great ability in creating 4K video.

Well, it’s a good feature that is also expected in some brands like Canon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, etc. Well; the needs of a good device that can create amazing numbers of videos are always expected since creating video becomes very popular.

Especially for vlogger around the world, uploading in Youtube or some social-medias becomes something needed.

They earn money by making videos, so it makes them aware to use good device in shooting their videos. And Nikon D820 becomes one device that is expected in supporting their activity in it.

Digital Camera Nikon D820
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Based on the Nikon D820 Rumors, this camera would be paired with 70 to 80 sensors. The previous device, D810, has been so successful with its 36.3 megapixels.

So, it’s expected that this D820 have much higher resolution over 42 megapixels. This is something that have to be possible especially when other competes such as Canon offers more than 50 megapixels resolution. So, the new edition of Nikon should pass that line.

Further, Nikon D820 Rumors also states that some features like built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or GPS may be paired for the modern photography needs. Further, something like more spaces for storage like dual SD card is also expected.

The camera should be pro to all camera users since many people nowadays prefer to use professional camera than the common ones. The only reason is because professional camera is easy to use and have good performance.

Nikon D820 Price and Release Date

The speculation for Nikon product is higher since the other brands are also competing to launch their best device this 2017. DSLR camera has been a popular camera for all hands who like professional shooting.

Further, learning to shoot and using complicatedly professional camera become a challenge for them. And the D820 is here for that reason. This is the right camera to replace the former device and break the photography world with all best upgraded features.

May be the speculation and Nikon D820 Rumors is too high, but time flies and a good sophisticated camera turns to be a needs now. And for you who are excited to this camera, this D810 successor is estimated to release around second quarter of 2017.

While talking about price, it sounds like you need to save much more money to afford this camera. This is because the price is estimated to be around $1,499. So, what are you waiting for? Save money and bring it home.

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