Canon EOS R5: Is it Mirrorless Full Frame?

Canon has announced the development of their new mirrorless full frame camera, EOS R5, some time ago.

But, there was not much detail revealed. Only that we know the new camera probably will be built based the older EOS R form factor with not-significant tweaks, just like what we saw on the previous EOS RP.

But, current revelation by the Japanese camera manufacturer has proven it wrong. The new Canon EOS R5 will probably become Canon’s upcoming camera that can set new standard of full frame mirrorless. And yes, this is the camera that we’re all excited about.

We haven’t seen something significant from Canon’s mirrorless line for around a decade. Even when the company released EOS R, our first thought was “alright, we’ve seen many things like that”.

Especially when compared to other brands that offers many advantages such as high speed autofocusses, faster processor, larger sensor, Canon EOS R was not that very significant. Alright, the camera is good but not that very impressive though.

However, when we see Canon’s current revelation on EOS R5, it may be a good news for everyone. This is not a camera with very specific niche we think. It seemingly a camera for everyone, from stills photographers to video makers. So, what’s offered in this camera?

Notable Features of Canon EOS R5

Canon official website has listed some highlight features of this new camera, leaving us jaw-dropped seeing it.

These are new image Sensor, new processor, In-Body Image Stabilization support, faster shutter speed (which will be explained later), 8K RAW / 4K 120P video shooting capability, Dual Card slots, dual pixel CMOS autofocusing system, and free Canon’s cloud service.

Basically, this has listed all things we wish to be in one of Canon full frame mirrorless cameras. Although there’s not much details are revealed, we will try to explain all each feature mentioned.

New Sensor and Processor

For the new Canon EOS R5, manufacturer will likely use their newly-developed CMOS sensor. This will be coupled with new DIGIC image processor to result better performance.

However, there’s still no detail revealed about resolution. But, if we look at previous EOS R that has 30.3 Megapixel, the new EOS R5 must have more than that. Some predicts it will be more than 40 MP, or at least stops at 45 MP.

Canon EOS R5 back side

While for the processor, it’s expected to have DIGIC X or newly redefined version of this processor.

Yes, updated version of DIGIC X is expected, especially to support its 8K video recording capability, that will be explained later, and faster burst mode that is promised by Canon. But if it’s not, then redefined DIGIC8 from the EOS R should be in place.

New EOS R5 will support In-Body Image Stabilizer?

Good news for handheld shooters. It’s stated that EOS R5 will be Canon’s first mirrorless full frame equipped with 5-axis IBIS. Yes, previous EOR S is not equipped with this, which was so unfortunate.

This is very interesting move for Canon, especially since so far Canon is infamously lays only on lens stabilizer. So, with the new IBIS system in camera, photographer can take advantages from dual IBIS system, from both camera and lens.

This definitely will be interesting choice for both videographers who wants to take more steady shooting, and stills photographer who likes to shoot in low shutter speeds.

Faster Shutter Speed

Interestingly, Canon EOS R5 offers High-speed shooting up to 20 fps. This is the same frame rate as the one on the superior EOS 1D X Mark III.

If the speed performance is the same, or even higher than EOS 1D X Mark III, means that R5 will be the best camera for shooting sport event.

As we know, 20 FPS offered is a big deal, and can be a game changer in mirrorless field. It even tops the notable 10 fps of Sony’s A7R Mark IV.

And the fact that 20 fps can be achieved in silent shutter mode, means that wildlife photographers really need to pay attention when the PO of this camera will be opened.

New Dual Image AF System

In focusing system, new Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology will be utilized for faster subject detecting system. The detecting system itself is inherited from EOS 1D X Mark III, which is Live View AF tracking system which detects head, face, and eye and put them into focus.

While animal detecting system, which likely specified for cats, dogs, and birds, will focus on tracking the body, face, or eye.

With all these, it will be a good match for the 20 fps shutter speed offered. And one thing to note is that this focusing system will be available in all format and frame rates.
8K Video Shooting

Yes, it is uncropped 8K Video shooting at 29.97 fps that they are offering. This is why we say that EOS R5 has set new video standard in mirrorless full frame camera.

Aside from 8K hype, Canon also offers 4K shooting mode up to 119.9 fps in R5. Canon Log H.265 in 4:2:2 10-bit is also available when we shoot in 4K.

And as stated before, Dual Pixel CMOS AF is available in both 4K and 8K. In addition, HDR-PQ recording or H.265 capability is also available.


Canon EOS R5

With all those 8K and 4K video recording, advance storage system is a must. And Canon seems to know better on how to solve it. Dual card slots with high-speed CFexpress and UHS-II SD Card are offered.

Besides, you don’t have to worry of running out storage in instant as EOS R5 is also equipped with automatic transfer file from the camera to Canon’s cloud service

These files will be automatically backed up to your PC/MAC. Or if you use external services such as Google drive, automatic back up is still available too.

Conclusion; when Canon EOS R5 will be released and how much?

Although there are not much details are revealed, but we know that Canon EOS R5 will be a good and highly capable camera to choose.

Not only specified for stills photographer with all that large sensor, IBIS support, and advance autofocus, but this will also be a good choice for video maker. With all that superiorities offered, it’s clear that Canon aims high entry camera segmentation with this product.

So, to estimate the price, we need to take other brands high end cameras as comparison, which generates price estimate to be likely within 3.500 USD to 4500 USD.

While for release date, we cannot really predict about this due to the coronavirus outbreak. We’re not sure whether or not the company will delay the release of Canon EOS R5, but this camera is likely to be released within the second quarter or early of third quarter of 2020.

Disclaimer: we don't own any of the pictures of Canon EOS R5 posted in this article. All three pictures were taken from Canon's official announcement of this new camera.

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