Tips to Prepare and Pass Microsoft 70-761 Exam and How Using Exam Dumps Can Assist You


In the field of IT, it’s important that you follow the right way to achieve your goal. Using short cuts may lead to disappointments. Though IT is considered tough by many individuals, it’s one of the most lucrative industries today. And with the presence of IT giants like Microsoft, achieving relevant IT skills and certifications is now much easier than before.

So, this post will help you learn about one of the most in-demand areas of IT, which is the database administration field. Our focus will mainly be on the Microsoft 70-761 test targeting SQLServer system engineers, database administrators, and developers who have at least two years of practical experience in query writing.

At the end of this post, you’ll be familiar with how to achieve the best results in Microsoft 70-761 test. You’ll also benefit from the knowledge of how exam dumps are helpful when preparing for this exam. Let’s start!

Details of Microsoft Exam 70-761

The first thing you must know about Microsoft MCSA 70-761 Practice Test test is that it’s one of the two obligatory assessments you need to get credit toward the MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development credential that will equip you with the necessary skills in cloud-based and on-premises databases. The second exam to go through to obtain this badge is 70-762 which will evaluate your knowledge of SQL databases.

However, let’s now dive deeper into Microsoft 70-761 assessment.

In the main exam, you should be ready to answer 40-60 questions within 120 minutes. The questions provided will be structured differently including the formats like best answer, case studies, active screen, multiple-choice, short answer, review screen, mark review, and others. The cost of taking the exam is $165, which is non-refundable in case you fail the test. So, not to have such experience, prepare well for the test. How to do this, read below .

Tricks to Passing Microsoft 70-761 Exam

Here go the most helpful tips to pass your 70-761 from the firstattempt.

  • Realize what the exam’s objectives are

To become a database administration expert, you must learn the skills expected of you. For 70-761 assessment, they are:

  • Utilizing Transact-SQL for data management;
  • Using improved components of Transact SQL components in querying data;
  • Utilizing Transact-SQL in database programming

To know more about the skills measured in the main test, go on to the Microsoft’s official page.

  • Create and implement a good study plan

Taking a clear schedule helps in the preparation process which will allow you to study with concentration. You must have a schedule that indicates exactly when you expect to begin and end your preparation. You should include all the topics you’ll be covering and the time you will need to go through them. Thus, this will minimize distraction and encourage a high level of concentration.

  • Utilize helpful training courses

Most professionals understand the concepts better when they take a training course. For Microsoft 70-761 exam, there are instructor-led and online self-paced courses that are offered by the vendor.

You select the training option according to your needs. The instructor-led classroom learning option is the best, especially when you don’t have a constricted schedule and can find time to attend real-time classes. But if you’re not flexible enough to attend real-time lessons, you can opt for an online course that you can access from any place and anytime you want.

  • Using Exam Dumps

Exam dumps are also one of the best ways to prepare for your upcoming test. One trusted online platform to get reliable exam dumps for many IT assessments among candidates is the Examsnap website.

Here, you can find both free and paid exam dumps. Free dumps contain questions and answers that can be easily downloaded from their website. Paid files are valuable as they have been checked by IT experts.

For example, the best resource to use in gaining knowledge for 70-761 is the Premium Bundle. This package will cost you $49.99 and has three exam items. With it, you’ll get a set of 207 questions and answers, a 1153-page study guide, and a training course with 66 lectures.

Note, that all exam dumps from the provider’s page go in the .vce format. So, to practice properly with the exam questions and answers, you’ll have to use the VCE Exam Simulator that helps you experience the exact environment as that of the real test.

  • Cover the topics with study guides

Studying with books is also another helpful exam prep trick. 70-761 test topics can be covered using Exam Ref 70-761 Querying Data with Transact-SQL study guide accessible through the Microsoft’s Press Store or Amazon.

This study guide is organized based on the exam topics and uses case-based scenarios to prepare you for what to expect in the real assessment. The assumption of this guide is that you already have experience in the SQL Server and can perform job roles like a systems administrator, systems developer, or systems engineer.

So, we hope these tips for exam prep will ensure you get the passing score in 70-761 test. But now it’s time to recap.


Pursuing the required skills and knowledge can de demanding and challenging. But if you want to make the world your oyster and accelerate your career, then you must choose the MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development credential to obtain.

This badge can be reached in case you pass the Microsoft 70-761 and 70-762 assessments. In this article, we described some test details for Microsoft 70-761 and the tips one can utilize to succeed in this exam. However, the most effective tip that will work anyway is using updated and reliable exam dumps from Examsnap.

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