New Fitbit Versa Watch: an Apple Watch for Women Only ?

Finally, we got the new Fitbit smartwatch that appears to be just right. Apparently, it’s such a brilliant answer for the criticism received by company’s two previous products; Blaze that we think is too basic, and Ionic which is not that impressive for a “Fitbit” brand.

This new product’s called “Versa”, stands for versatile. As its name, the watch looks good, felt comfortable on hand, and has several interesting features. This is definitely not a smartwatch that’s you’re going to be embarrassed to use. And to introduce you to this new Fitbit Versa Watch, here is our review about the new Versa by Fitbit.

Fitbit Versa Watch Design

Fitbit Versa Watch Variants
Fitbit Versa Watch /

What should be highlighted from Fitbit Versa Watch is that in the first place, this device is aimed for woman. It can be seen from the design that’s felt rather smaller and lightweight than the other product like Fitbit Ionic.

However, this still looks good on men though, especially for those who have smaller wrist. So overall, we do really think that the new versa is indeed versatile in its size, material, and design. Fitbit really got it right this time.

Upon this versatility, we can also tell that the design on Versa is the one that will remind you of Apple Watch a lot. As stated in Techradar review, this design is called it “Squircle”.

This is the face design that has typical Apple Watch “Square” design with “Circle” round on the corners. That’s what make the device looks really like an Apple watch, except for the ‘Fitbit” tagline below the display.

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Fitbit Versa Body Construction and Strap

Talking about body construction, the watch is ultra thin due to the use of anodized aluminum material on its case. This material makes the build is strong but still manages to have lighter weight. Fitbit even claims that Versa is the lightest smartwatch they’ve ever made.

On the side of the Fitbit Versa Watch body, you can find three physical buttons. 1 button is on one side as main wake-up or back button, while the other two are on the other side for pausing or finishing your work out session. And also, these buttons are functioned to navigate the menus on screen.


For the strap, the stain proof silicone strap of Fitbit Versa felt so comfortable. Plus, it’s also easy to open.

You don’t need extra energy to do it. For color option, the standard Fitbit Versa has 3 strap variants; Peach silicon strap with Rose Gold watch case, Grey silicone strap with the silver watch case, and Black silicone strap with black watch case as well.

Fitbit Versa Display

Moving to the display, we can see Fitbit makes several improvements here. First, the touch command is in a good latency now. The switch between menus is more fluid and natural.

Second, this display is one of a kind with its 300-x-300 pixels screen resolution that reaches up to 1000 nits, where LCD in general are typically only using 200-300 nits.

With above specification, it can be doubted that the display would appear bright and vibrant. The screen is even very well visible even under direct sunlight or under water.

Yes, Fitbit Versa Watch is waterproof up to 50 meters (164 ft). Surely, this waterproof capability will be so helpful to support its swimming tracking. You can even count the calories burned during your pool session.

Fitbit Versa Watch Features

Aiming at wide range of users, Fitbit Versa Watch is equipped with various functional features. On paper, this device has what Fitbit Ionic has, except for the GPS.

To be honest, GPS abolishment on versa is quite a step back from the Ionic. Yes, the watch does provide GPS data, but it has to be synced to your smartphone. By this, it means that you have to carry your smartphone around when running or hiking, which is not that practical.

Back side feature

Notification is quit handy in Versa. You can see text message instantly on your wrist, and find out whether it is urgent or not.

But, if the sender is using instant messages such as WhatsApp, then you still need to get you phone to access it.

As Ionic does, this tracker also tracks steps, calories burned during session, distance, heart rate, active hours, floor climbed, and many more. For the heart rate, it uses PurePulse heart-rate monitor system that will be usable to improve exercise efficiency and health quality.

In addition to those basic tracking features, Fitbit also adds swim tracking, so that this device is also functional for swimmers.

Moreover, Versa also offers Reminder to Move feature that will remind you to move at least 250 steps minimum in once an hour. Another interesting thing is SpO2 sensor.

This is the sensor that will measure the oxygen level within your blood. The measurement result from this feature will be very usable to remind you when you have hypoxia (poor blood oxygenation), as it will indicate when your oxygen level lowers to below 95%.

Fitbit Versa’s Female Health Tracking Feature

As a smartwatch that focuses on woman, Fitbit Versa Watch also offers what they call Female Health Tracking.

Tom’s Guide says that this feature will roll out around May 7th. And for your information, this is a feature that’s only available on Versa smartwatch as pre-installed app. And also, it is only accessible in iOS and Windows Phone.

Although there’s news that says it will be available on Android soon, now it still remains exclusive.

Talking about function, Female Health Tracking will help woman to monitor their menstrual cycle. Through the apps, they can get their menstrual cycle data and record their symptoms.

From the data recorded, they can get prediction toward their cycle. Surely, this will be very useful as based on research, more than 80% of women doesn’t understand their own cycle.

Fitbit Versa Watch from the Side

Entertainment Feature and Fitness Coaching

On the entertainment aspects Fitbit Versa Watch has Music Apps that plays around 300 songs inside its 2.5 GB internet memory. This music can be added by using Fitbit Connect on desktop.

And for you who already signed up on iTunes, this device is also compatible for iTunes. But, for Spotify, we hope that Fitbit will add Spotify compatibility upgrade on Versa.

Being a fitness tracking smartwatch, the new Versa Watch also has Fitbit Coach that will do your workout coaching. This is not only an audio coaching, but there’s video tutorial as well.

Therefore, it will be very useful to guide you doing some workout routine. However, this feature is basically paid feature. Even if it has several free subscription, which are also helpful, to get further access you’ll need to subscribe the program for £7.99/month or £38.99/year.

Fitbit Versa Watch

Lastly, to support all those functionality, Fitbit Versa Watch is supported by a pretty strong battery. as claimed by Fitbit, this battery will last for about four days.

Charging can be done via clip-in dock, which is included inside the packaging box. We think this charging box method is much easier to use, especially compared to that magnetic pin on Ionic.

Fitbit Versa Watch Price

If you want an Apple Watch but has limited budget, the new Versa could be an alternative. As confirmed, this smartwatch selling price is started from US$199.99 for the standard model. While for the special model with woven strap addition, is priced around US$229.95.

But, for US buyers, if they don’t get the woven strap, they’ll get contactless payment (Fitbit) pay in return. So, if you are the one who think this is a smartwatch that fits the most, you got to get ready because Fitbit Versa Watch are already available in store from April 2018.

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