Apple Watch Series 3; Slight Design Upgrade with Interesting Feature Improvements

Apple made a big hit when this Cupertino-based technology mogul launched several of its new products. They are Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and Apple Watch Series 3, that were released at the same time at Apple’s September event.

These are the most anticipated products of the year. So, there is no wonder if people are beyond excited toward these new Apple products.

Apple Watch Series 3; Watch Launch

From all these devices, iPhone X is the one that attracts so much attention, especially with its new innovative features. And all eyes seem to focus on this device than others.

But hey, it’s Apple! When it decides to launch something, this thing should be complied with its high standard.

And this principle is also applied to other newly launched products; iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 3. So in this article we’ll just focus on the third edition of Apple Watch Series.

At this September event, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, stated that ever since the release of Apple Watch Series 2, the sale of this product keeps growing by 50% each year.

That’s why the Apple won’t stop innovating on their smart watch products. And this is it: Apple Watch Series 3, which is believed to have more improvements then the previous series.

Many analysts say that there is no significant upgrade on the Watch Series 3. But, some updates applied are going to be really useful. Especially with the presence of cellular function, including LTE, it will be really useful in case you want to leave your iPhone at home.

Yes, the new Apple watch can act as a standalone device and operates without being paired to your iPhone. This may seems familiar with what we see in Huawei Watch 2, Samsung Gear S3, or even LG Watch Sport.

Apple Watch Series 3 Design

You may not notice the difference between Apple Watch Series 3 with its predecessor, Watch Series 2. It’s because the both devices share many resemblances in term of design.

They both still use square formation shape with interchangeable strap with 38mm and 42mm dimension. The difference is only on the digital crown.

Unlike the Watch Series 2, on Series 3 you’ll see the top side of the digital crown is colored red. This is the most noticeable difference between two devices.

Apple Watch Series 3 Design

On the display sector, Apple employs OLED screen in 1.65 inch size. This screen’s having 390 x 312 resolutions and covered with Ion-X Glass for a better protection.

And don forget the water resistance capability too. This Apple Watch Series 3 is waterproof until 50 meters depth.

Moreover, for you with bigger budget, you can also choose new aluminum gold finish or Ceramic Grey finish for more premium look. Hermes and Nike+ edition are also making return in this watch series. Especially for Nike+, there’s a new sport band available.

Apple Watch Series 3 Upgraded Features

watch look

The most noticeable feature of Apple Watch Series 3 is the cellular capability. As it is stated before, Watch Series 3 is a totally independent device that can work individually without being tethered to your iPhone.

It uses e-SIM Card, so the device still can manage its slim size while adding more features. As a result, something like making a call, stream music, sending message, or accessing internet directly from your watch 3 while leaving your iPhone at home will be possible.

In addition, this watch 3 edition is also equipped with LTE capability too. You can even use the same number used in your iPhone.

Under the hood, Apple Watch Series 3 is also upgraded with the newer, more effective, and more efficient S3 dual-core processor. This processor is claimed to have 70% more efficiency than the processor used by its predecessor, the S2.

With this processor, Siri will work more efficient too. She becomes smarter, more responsive, and can talk directly through built in speaker.

Furthermore, Apple also announced that new W2 wireless chip. With this chip, it boosts Wi-Fi performance by 85% and provides 50% more efficient power for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

water resistance

Next upgrade in Apple Watch Series 3 is on the new operating system used. Here, you’ll find new watchOS 4. This OS offers various updates including refreshed Siri’s Face, new fitness fetures, and redesigned themes.

With the new face, Siri will be able to display more information to your watch screen. Moreover, the new OS will also makes you enable to make person-to-person payment through Apple Pay.

Along with the new OS, the altimeter is upgraded as well. Now it uses mixed Barometric Altimeter for better functionality. With this sensor, user can get elevation data which is good for skiers, runner, or even cyclist.

Battery Life

Nothing much’s changing in the battery life of Apple Watch Series 3. It’s said that the battery is still the same with the previous series 2 with 18-hours lifetime in one single charge.

This result is obtained when the cellular is disabled. But when it’s enabled and used for calling, the battery life will be 3 hours in continuous talk. And it will shrink down to be 1 hour when you’re using it for making a phone call with LTE network on. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge this battery.

Price and Availability

In some countries such as Canada, China, Australia, Germany, Puerto Rico, US, UK, France, and Germany, this last edition of Apple Watch has been available since September 22nd 2017.

While for another country, the shipping is estimated to begin next year. As for the price, you can get the Apple Watch Series 3 by around $329 for GPS model in 38mm size, $399 for cellular model plus GPS, and there will be $30 additional cost for 42mm size for each model.

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