Fujifilm GFX Specifications: Gigantic Camera with Lower Battery Life

Viewing the development of photography device, creating enormous camera with amazing upgrades becomes a priority for manufacture. All of these are done to meet the user’s need toward a pleasing camera device. And here it is, Fujifilm GFX comes to satisfy the fans even though we have to admit that it’s not the best one to have. But, however this camera is still included to be recommended mirror less camera that is designed in perfect style. Here it is, short review of Fujifilm GFX specifications

Fujifilm GFX Design

Before getting deeper to the Fujifilm GFX Specifications, let’s talk about the design first. Here is written the Fujifilm GFX review that can be your notes for considering what camera that you need. It’s a good camera which is also known as Fujifilm GFX 50s.

Digital Camera Fujifilm GFX specifications
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This camera comes with weighty body that is around 950g with batteries included. Though is feels heavier, this camera still good looking too. It’s not a big worry in carrying the device; the strap is available to help. The dimension of it is also a bit bigger. It is 5.8 x 3.7 x 3.6 inches or 148 x 94 x 91 mm, which is felt comfortable enough to grip.

Further, you will find good camera view finder that is actualized to be a good LCD screen in 3.2 inches. It has 2.360k dots resolution and 3690kdot viewfinder resolution, so the camera will provide bright live view through it. As a good camera from Fujifilm which is known as an expensive device, this camera is designed with good body cover.

It has black body that is created with good texture for better grip. And designed with handgrip which is aimed to provide good handling, this camera will be comfortable though it’s heavy.

Good shutter button, joystick for controlling auto focus and also additional buttons for digital control. It also comes with good weather seal to protect the camera from dusts.

The Powerful Fujifilm GFX Specifications

Well, discussing about Fujifilm GFX specifications is a bit interesting. We’ll see that this device has higher resolution which is up to 51 megapixels with medium formatCMOS sensor. This one means that you will get amazing detail on each picture.

A camera with high resolution up to 51 MP is recommended to have. It brings you to find perfect details and bright capture whenever you take or record a video. Paired with 3.0 fps continuous shooting, it is including to slow performance.

Fujifilm GFX Specifications review
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Though, Fujifilm GFX Specifications is also strengthened with 1920 x 1080 max video resolutions, good low light ISO – 1600 and 102.400 max ISO.

This camera is designed with modern features like built-in Wi-Fi technology that allow you to have remote control with a smartphone.

It’s a kind of good camera that is supported with good features. A popular feature like face detection focusing is also paired. It makes the camera become good device that can be operated easily.

This camera is very recommended for doing street photography. This very high resolution will cover your need in getting good pictures.

It can be said as an excellent camera though there are some lacks such as no image stabilization and its low continuous shooting performance.

Digital Camera Fujifilm GFX Specifications
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You will still able creating video with good quality using this camera. And the use of smartphone for controlling the camera is also a good idea for covering the needs of modern photography. However, it has low battery life that only enables to have 400 shots. For the sake of recording video, the camera is supported with external microphone port and external headphone port.

Fujifilm GFX Price and Release Date

At the end of this Fujifilm GFX Specifications, here we come to the price and release date of the camera. The price of FujifilmGFX includes being one of the expensives.

For you who are interesting to it, this brand offers the Fujifilm GFX with $6,499.00 for body only. And it is already in the market since February 2017. I though, it takes about one years more after the release of Fujifilm X-T20.

So, you can try to get the camera whether online or offline. This cool device may be not the best one you could have, but it can be one of good choices to get a camera with very high resolution.

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