Canon EOS 6D Mark II Rumors Including Specification and the Price

Expecting canon to release its new device makes public becomes very curious. More and more Canon big fans are waiting what is estimated to be the best photo shooting device in this recent time. This is all about Canon EOS 6D Mark II Rumors, which comes out to surface recently, and shocked public with its estimation that the camera will bang the market in around April or May. Will it be disappointing or satisfying? Let’s wait then!

Canon EOS 6D Mark II Rumors

Let your curiosity gets harder with Canon EOS 6D Mark II Rumors. As it was stated, we estimate that the camera will probably be launched around April or May, and it will definitely be very impressive. Let’s say that Canon EOS 6D Mark II will be a DSLR camera which is served to you in its typical Canon style.

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It’s highly estimated that the camera will be designed in high-end style that is much more ergonomic, lighter and tougher. Silver or black, could be the options for its best outlook.

Moreover, larger LCD screen with higher resolution, more responsive touch screen and intuitive buttons are installed.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II Rumors
image by cameratimes

There are so many rumors that say this camera is created to provide much better device. In addition, this camera is also expected to have vary-angle LCD screen which is useful in capturing pictures in various ways.

EOS 6D Mark II Specification

Having fast responding camera is expected, and the Canon EOS 6D Mark II could be provided to you with 24-28mp full frame CMOS sensor.

Many Canon EOS 6D Mark II Rumors out there say that this camera will have 45 AF points for all cross type.

And also, a dual pixel AF will make the device becomes very powerful in shooting good pictures. The DIGIC7 may be paired to this thing.

For a good camera in future, canon will also pair the camera with built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and also GPS. That’s what should be found in a cool camera that can support the needs of modern photography.

It’s a must to use the camera in very easy way like when we are going to pair it to the PC, transferring pictures or video or mentioning where and when the pictures are taken.

Further, we all know that people are very close to social media, so it’s really expected to have a dream camera that is equipped with modern technology.

Sharing pictures or videos in youtube, instagram or twitter will be very fun if we could create videos or pictures easily.  Some features like HDR movie and Time lapse movie that is paired with 6 fps shooting could be added too.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II
image by canonrumor

More than that, rumors also say that some form of 4K video is coming within. Movie image stabilization is also a good feature that should be had to help everyone create good video with it. It’s like creating a dream device that is not only good in taking pictures, but also easy in creating videos too.

A professional DSLR camera is needed now. Photography becomes an activity that is popular to do; it is either the professional or amateur user that needs good camera to support the activity.

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Price and Conclusion

This cool camera is not a rugged camera that is not tough enough for extreme condition. But the performance of it will be very impressive. And so many users will go to Canon to have it as their professional camera.

However, it could be a speculation that the Canon EOS 6D Mark II rumors bring good news to fans. But, seeing fans reaction, it can be a recommendation to the corporation to create great camera for its fans.

Well, as a king of big camera producer, canon brings Canon EOS 6D Mark II to make all of you pleased. And about the price, we could estimate it will be higher than the previous product. Based on some Canon EOS 6D Mark II rumors, we estimate it will be higher than the previous product.

You should spend $1,499 or more dollars to grab the camera in your hand. And you still have time before it’s released around April or May. So, prepare yourself to welcome this amazing camera device.

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