Fujifilm X-A20 as the Convenient Camera for Newbie

As the newbie of camera user, people usually will choose the easier camera for them to have and to learn it. For newbie who wants to learn camera, there is an offering from Fujifilm company. Fujifilm X-A20 is one of the newest types of mirrorless digital camera for beginner.

In this article, Fujifilm camera of X-A20 will show its features and specifications. Before going to the features and specifications, the newbie should see the physical appearance of this camera.

How is the physical appearance of
camera Fujifilm X-A20?

Camera X-A20 has several physical appearances, such as 16.3 MP, 3-inch, degree flip-up screen selfie about 1800, touch control and interesting Eye AF.

There are also Wi-Fi and flash built in, dial mode shooting, electronic shutter with the speed of 1/32000 seconds. Then, there is small and lightweight retro design 494 grams for the weight and the XC 15-45 mm F3.5-5.6 OIS PZ kit lens.

How is the result of Fujifilm camera X-A20?

Fujifilm X-A20 is satisfaction camera that can give its best picture result for beginner and photographer. Through the FUJINON kit, the sensor, and the processor, camera X-A20 is a digital camera that can convince the photographer to take the photos. From the FUJINON kit, it has good camera resolution with 12 MP.

Not only the camera resolution, but it also has X-Trans CMOS II as the sensor to support the kit in resulting the great image. This camera is also completed by ISO feature with sensitivity level 100-12.800.

It means that the photographer can capture the object easily with the limpid result even though the photos caught in a lightless condition. Besides that, mirrorless camera of X-A20 has good processor namely EXR II.

How is the performance of this digital mirrorless camera?

Related to the processor, it helps the camera to have good performance and work faster. This processor can reproduce the lighter color when the photographer wants to get the better result.

Then, this camera has ability to reproduce the skin tones with feature of advance skin tone reproduction to generate the awesome photos. Furthermore, the photographer can get some artistic effects using 6 film simulation mode and 10 creative filters mode.

Stylish camera and easy finger control, what does it mean?

Fujifilm X-A20
Blue Camera of Fujifilm X-A20

Fujifilm X-A20 is a stylish camera because it has compact and lightweight body. Fujifilm camera of types X-A20 also has an intuitive control and retro design.

The touch screen on this camera is also easy to hold and to control for our finger. Therefore, it consists of shutter release, focus selection, AF area selection, zooming, and playback slide.

To make it clear, the camera user can use two command dials in one-hand control. For instance, thumb for quick aperture, shutter speed, and exposure settings.

Furthermore, the camera user or beginner also can use some common functions such as continues shooting, white balance, and selfie menu that can be achieved on independent function button without going to main menu.

Smart flash system and wireless remote control

As have been reading above, camera Fujifilm of X-A20 has a flash to control the light output and to make the photographer gets the best image result.

For photographer who worry to capture photos under the sunlight, you don’t need to worry because we can control the light output using smart flash system.

By using its feature, it can help the photographer to avoid the darkness on face when taking photo. This feature also gives the natural color and brightness when people shoot photos in a backlit scene.

After the smart flash system, the camera users can use the wireless remote control to transfer photos and videos from smartphone to camera or vice versa.

By using Wi-Fi function, the camera users also can synchronize their data with smartphone. This synchronization purposes to access the GPS location information to attach the related image. To relate the explanation above, these are specifications of digital mirrorless camera X-A20.

Details specification of Fujifilm X-A20

  • Image sensor: 23.6 mm x 15.6 mm (APS-C)
  • Sensor cleaning system
  • CMOS with primary color filter
  • Effective pixel number: 16.3 MP
  • Ultrasonic vibration
  • SD Memory card (-2G)/ SDHC Memory card (-32G)/ SDXC Memory card (-256G)
  • Image file format: JPEG (Version 2.3) * 2/ RAW (RAW Format)/ RAW + JPEG (Compatible with camera file system design rules/ Compatible digital print command format)
  • Video file format: MOV
  • Video comprehension: H.264
  • Audio: Linear PCM Stereo
  • Extended output sensitivity: ISO 100/12800/25600
  • Standard output sensitivity: AUTO1/ AUTO2/ AUTO3 (up to ISO 6400)/ ISO 200-6400
  • Exposure mode P (Program AE)/ A (Aperture Priority AE)/ S (Shutter Speed Priority AE)/ M (Manual Exposure)
  • Face detection: Yes
  • Human eye detection: Yes
  • Manual focus/ Multiple AF/ Area AF/Continuous AF/ Tracking AF


Based on those review explanations, Fujifilm X-A20 is one of type from Fujifilm camera which has good specification and good result with reachable price.

The beginners can get this camera with the price about Rp.7.000.000. With that affordable price, it has included excellent features and specifications such as smart flash system, wireless remote control, finger control, 10 creative filters and 6 simulation mode. Hopefully it can be useful for the readers or beginners to choose the best camera with easy usage. (fs)

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