Fujifilm X-A10 Digital Camera: Specs, Price

Fujifilm is the biggest photography company in the world. One of the product from Fujifilm is Fujifilm X series digital camera. This series has many products, one of the series is Fujifilm X-A10 digital camera.

Fujifilm X-A10 has succeeded in attracting buyers in Indonesia. This because it’s supported by the right price and good quality.

If you are curious about this product, you can read this article for more information about Fujifilm X-A10 digital camera. You can also find out the things to know about Fujifilm X-A10.

Actually, you can also get the reason why you should have the Fujifilm X-A10. So, let’s read more here things to know about Fujifilm X-A10:

Price of Fujifilm X-A10 Digital Camera

Before you buy Fujifilm X-A10, the main things to know is about the price. Certainly, everyone will ask “How much is the price?”. This is the main question before you buy something. Actually it will be the same question before you buy Fujifilm X-A10 digital camera.

It is very important information for you. You should look after your wallet from regret. This can be happened because of the budget which is not fit with your money budgeting.

The price of Fujifilm X-A10 is about Rp4.500.000 in Indonesia. You can prepare the money from now if you want to have it. Whatever you will say it’s cheap or expensive.

But, you have to know the specification of the product before you judge it. This is because the price is according to the form. It can be like the specification of the product.

Specification of Fujifilm X-A10 Digital Camera

The second main information before you buy Fujifilm X-A10 is the specification. So, here you are the information about it. Let’s find out the main of Fujifilm X-A10.

  1. Has an APSC sensor of 16 Megapixel.
  2. Storage media for SD card (-2GB)/ SDHC Card (-32GB)/ SDXC card (-256G) UHS-I*1
  3. File format divede to: a. Image: JPEG (Exif Ver 2.3)*2/ RAW (RAF format)/ RAW + JPEG (Design rule for camera File system compliant/ DPOF-compatible). b. Movie: Movie file format is MOV, Movie video Compression is H.264, and the audio is Linear PCM Stereo.
  4. No Anti Alliansing (AA) Filter
  5. LCD monitor 3 inch, aspect ratio 3:2, approx. 1.040 K-dot Tilt-type, TFT color LCD Monitor (approx. 100% coverage)
  6. Photo Speed 6 FPS
  7. Video recording capability at 1080p
  8. Number of recorded pixels: First, L: (3:2) 4896 x 3264 / (16:9) 4896 x 2760 / (1:1) 3264 x 3264. Second, M: (3:2) 3456 x 2304 / (16:9) 3456 x 1944 / (1:1) 2304 x 2304. Third, S: (3:2) 2496 x 1664 / (16: 9) 2496 x 1408 / (1:1) 1664 x 1664. For the panorama motion is devided in to two: First, 180 ̊ : vertical: 2160 x 9600 / Horizontal: 9600 x 1440. Second, 120 ̊ : vertical: 2160 x 6400 / Horizontal: 6400 x 1440
  9. Manual pop-up flash (super intelligent flash) guide number: approx 5 (ISO100 · m)/ approx 7 (ISO200 · M). Fujifilm X-A10 has two flash modes: First, Red-eye removal OFF: Auto/forced flash/suppressed flash/slow syncohro/ rear-curtain synchro/commander. Second, Red-eye removal ON: red-eye reduction auto/red-eye reduction & forced flash/suppressed flash/ red-eye reduction & slow synchro/red-eye reduction & rear-curtain Synchro/commander
  10. ISO 200-6.400 (can be enlarged 100-25.600)
  11. Can make time-lapse video
  12. Wireless conection that can be used to geotagging setup, image transfer (individual image/ selected multiple images), view and obtain image, PC Autosaved, instax printer print.
  13. Power supply: NP-W 126S Li-ion battery (included)
  14. HDMI output: HDMI Micro connector (Type D)
  15. Other functions: 35 languages, date/time, time difference, sound and flash OFF, quick start mode, high performance, preview exp. in manual mode, LCD brightness, LCD color, preview pic. An Effect, DISP. Custom Setting.
  16. Accessories included if you buy new Fujifilm X-A10 Digital Camera are Li-ion battery NP-W126S, AC Power adapter AC-5VF, Plug Adapter, USB Cable, Shoulder Strap, Body Cap, Owner’s manual book.

Quality Result of the pictures

The last one that you have to know before you buy a new camera is the quality result of the pictures. You know that the Fujifilm X-A10 is not a new relies product, so you can see or look for the review first.

You can look for it on google or ask someone who is having the Fujifilm X-A10 digital camera.

The easy ways to look for the review is with searching it on the internet. You will find many of review and result pictures from Fujifilm X-A10 Digital camera.

So, you don’t need to worry about it. Fujifilm X-A10 has good pictures quality result here is the example of the picture.

fujifilm X-A10 digital camera

That’s all about the Fujifilm X-A10 Digital Camera information. You can use it as the guider before you buy the camera.

Besides that, you can consider if you want to buy it or not. I hope that information is usually helpful in deciding before you buy the Fujifilm X-A10 Digital Camera. (fy)

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