Double Your Car Audio Sound with Head Unit Double Din

Head Unit Double Din, It is generally known that a car is not only used as the transportation vehicle. But the functionality of it has been developed to be something beyond. Nowadays, people also buy car for a second home too. Especially for them who have high mobility, a highly-functional car will be really needed.

So, due to this reason, car manufacturers around the world are not only concerning about the performance of their vehicle. But, they also pay more attention to the comfort of it. And one of the aspects of comfort that becomes their main concern is the entertainment system of a car, including head unit. However, some head units are still not able to fulfill the people’s needs. That’s why sometimes they need an upgrade. And if you are one of these people, then Head Unit Double Din will be one of the choices to take.

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Double Your Car Audio Sound with Head Unit Double Din

Then, what is the Head Unit Double Din actually is? Simply, we can say that the Double Din Kind of Head Unit is a head unit with doubled sized. And as a result to that, the functionality of it is doubled too. With this doubled size, the double din can carry more equipment inside.

Therefore, it has more functionality than the single din. If in the single din we often see some common features such as Radio, DAB, Bluetooth (read more about Bluetooth standard in here), and auxiliary port, in the double din you will see something more than that. Sometimes, this doubled size will result on the addition of touchscreen, screen mirroring, application control, iPhone / iPad integration, and many more.  Moreover, what other technical things that makes these two kinds of head unit are different? Here is the explanation toward this matter.


As stated before, the most obvious thing to differentiate both Double Din Head Unit and the single one is the size of it. And to differentiate it, there’s the international standard used. DIN itself stands for the Deutsches Institut fur Normung. This is a Germany organization that creates original car head units standard that is used today.

And for your information, the international standard for head unit, which is ISO 7736, was developed on the concept of DIN 75490. Under this standard, most of the head unit devices in the world are manufactured to fulfill the consumer needs while complying to the applied standard.

Double Your Car Audio Sound with Head Unit Double Din

One of the things that is regulated in this standard is the dimension of head unit itself. With this standard, many head unit manufacturer will be able to overcome the fitness issue. And to differentiate between the Head Unit Double Din and the single one, the obvious that you can see is from the faceplate of the device. When the faceplate of your car head unit has 7 x 2 inches (180 x 50 mm), it means that you have single Din. But, when it has 7 x 4 inches (180 x 100 mm) size, then your car has adopted the Head Unit Double Din. However, the depth is also considered here.

Why Should Choose Head Unit Double Din

Why we should choose the Head unit Double Din instead of single one? Well, that’s such a good question. With the double din, you will get more space inside. With this space, you can put more components in it for a better sound quality. Something like additional amplifiers, woofer, touchscreen, and others will be possible to be added. Moreover, when your head unit double din is broken, you can just replace it with two single din devices for more affordable choice.

Finally, that’s all the things that we need to share regarding to the head unit double din. However, the choice to choose double or single is really personal and it’s depends on your needs. Further, if you have any other ideas about this device, you can put them in the comment session below. And if you think this article is informative, sharing it in your personal page will be much more appreciated.

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