Head Unit Entry, a Vehicle’s Entertainment System Center Unit

Head unit entry, – narmadi.com. There is nothing better than turning on our favorite music while driving. The nice voice of your favorite singer will get you away from the sleepiness. But, to make this thing happen, you need a support from the right music player device.

And for this case, you don’t have to worry since usually, most of the cars have provided this kind of device. This is the device that we usually call head unit entry. If you are unfamiliar with this term, this device also called deck or receiver.

Literary, head unit entry is a stereo system component that is usually installed in home theater or vehicle. This is the center part of the car’s audio system. You can find it in the center side of the dashboard. This device provides unified interface of hardware for various electronic media system. And in modern kinds of head unit entry, it is integrated directly to the electronic packages.

With this high specification and functionality, the price of this device is sometimes a little bit pricey. That’s why it is commonly becomes target of the theft.Therefore, to anticipate this thing, many companies integrate their head entry unit products with the alarm system of the vehicle.

As stated before, head unit entry is the centerpiece of the vehicle. That’s why it is able to give you the full control of the whole vehicle’s entertainment sector.

With this device, you can directly control MP3, Cassette tapes, Radio, both AM/FM and satellite radio, Bluetooth, GPS Navigation, CD player, and other entertainment system of your car.

Moreover, most of the head unit also provide user the control of audio functions such as frequency, volume, speaker balance, band, speaker fade, treble, bass, EQ, and others.

Head Unit Entry, a Vehicle's Entertainment System Center Unit(1)

Further, with the fast development of technology, several manufacturers even offer more advance version of head unit entry. This kind of head unit can act as secondary instrument panel.

It will offer the user some information such as vehicular data, door chimes, odometer information, or even trouble warnings. More than that, these manufacturers also manufacture this device in highly aesthetical appearance since it head unit is also the center part of interior decoration.

Head Unit Entry Need SDPPI Type Approval Certification

Head Unit Entry, a Vehicle's Entertainment System Center Unit.(1)

SDPPI Type Approval certification is needed before marketing head unit entry in Indonesia. This is the kind of certification that should be obtained by manufacturer toward their communication device before they are marketed inside the territory of Indonesia.

The rule of this certification is stated in Indonesian regulation No. 16 Tahun 2018 about telecommunication devices certification. Based in regulation, every communication device that still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, is mandatory to have type approval certification.

That’s why before marketing Head Unit Entry products, companies need to obtain SDPPI Type Approval first. This is because commonly head unit entry has some RF technologies in it such as Bluetooth, wireless, etc. And to get this, there are two possible ways.

Manufacturer can apply directly to the SDPPI, or with the help of agent. From both ways, asking help to local agent is highly recommended. By using it, manufacturer can save more time, money, and the application will be carefully taken care.

Finally, for consumers who are about to buy this device, we have a hopefully-useful advice. Indeed, there are so many head unit entry brand in the market. And you can freely choose one of them. But, from all these brands, we have listed some of them that we think superior compared to others.

They are Sony, Advent, Kenwood, Pioneer, Eclipse, Visteon, Blaupunkt, and Alpine. However, the brand list above is not absolute. I mean, it is very possible that other brands out there have the same quality, or even better than them. Therefore, if you have any idea about what brands are they, you can put your thought in the comment session below.

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