Be Ready for Internet of Things, the Concept of whole Connected Devices

Some of us may already familiar with the term Internet of Things (IoT). This is the term that usually used by people in the field of IT. But, do you know what it actually is? Or what is meant by internet in this term? And what are the things?

Of course, these questions will be easy to answer when we talk something literally. But, when it comes to context, some of us might not know what is meant by IoT. Therefore, it will lead us to the below explanation.

The Contextual Meaning of Internet of Things

Be Ready for Internet of Things, the Concept of whole Connected Devices(1)

The Global Standards Initiative on Internet of Things (Iot-GTA), in 2013 has defined the application of IoT as the new infrastructure of information society.

But, the concept of Internet of Things was firstly introduced in 1999 when Kevin Ashton, a British entrepreneur linked to this term when he was working in Auto-ID lab centers.

He defined that IoT is a global network that connect many kinds of objects with RFID technology. But, as the time move on, the application of IoT is not only limited to the RFID connection. Some other kinds of network such as LTE, NFC, WLAN, and others are also used in the development of this concept.

So based on the statement above, we can conclude that Internet of Things is the idea of connecting many kinds of devices by internet connection which allows these device to do data transferring. Further, what is meant by object or “things” here is not limited to electronic device only.

But, the “things” here could be vehicles, physical devices, sensors, software, actuators, building, and computer devices. Moreover, this list can also be expanded to the animals or other living things that has identifier in it, and able to transfer data over the network.

Those are the reasons why by applying IoT concept, an object can be controlled/sensed remotely or even wirelessly through the existing network. With this kind of functionality, user will be able to create the direct interaction between computer system and physical world.

Therefore, there is nothing to result except improving efficiency and accuracy. And the more interesting thing is that the use of this concept will minimize the ineffective contact and maximize benefits.

The Application of IoT

Internet of Things application

The Internet of Things was firstly applied in 1980s in Carnegie Melon University’s Coke machine. This concept was applied by connecting the machine to the internet network.

Therefore, checking the machine status or knowing whether the coke is empty or not can be done through the internet connection. While for the today’s use, it turns to be used to the more advance aspects of life.

As the relevant examples, the Internet of Things is planned to be used as a platform in the smart city, intelligent transportation, smart grids, smart home, as well as the system of smart energy management, and others.

Read more about the history of IoT in this Wiki Page.

Further, the application of Internet of Things is also related to the network that is used as the media of connection. With the various kinds of network used nowadays, the concept of Internet of Things could be achieved easily.

Just take a look at several available networks nowadays such as RFID, Near Field Communication (NFC technology), LiFi, WiFi, WiFi Direct, and Bluetooth or even for the more advance choice of it, Bluetooth Low Energy. Further, we can also find other kinds of network such as Zigbee, Home Plug, Z-Wave, MoCA, Thread, LTE, Ehernet, and Low Energy IP network.

Therefore, at the end of the day, with the use of the networks above, the application of Internet of Things can run smoothly. In closing, we hope that this article could be useful, and able to update your understanding toward technological update. And if you have any thought or something to discuss related to this matter, the comment session below is open and available to contain your opinion.

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