How to Maintain Swimming Pool Water to Be in Chrystal Clear Condition

Understanding the ways to maintain swimming pool water to stay in Chrystal clear and healthy condition for swimming is very important.

Especially, it also keeps the aesthetical side of the swimming pool as well. So, you can enjoy morning atmosphere next to the pool and feel relax before hitting the daily routines.

Moreover, the pool water that looks clean and clear is able to transform our fatigue into comfort.

Another reason of why we have to keep our pool water in good condition is because having a good swimming pool is an additional complement to an owner’s identity.

Besides, it also adds value on the residence. Having a swimming pool is allegedly able to provide added value in guest’s eyes, relative’s, colleague’s, or may be even buyer’s if we are about to sell the house.

Especially for those who like to arrange many events such as party or gathering, of course swimming pool will be the first corner to consider.

People like to gather around next to the pool in relax and enjoyable situation. Especially when there’s garden around with fresh air and eye-clearing flowers, it will make our party memorable.

However, swimming pool is not something that we can leave it without any treatment. There’s intensive maintenance is required in order to keep it in good condition. Especially for the water, there’s special treatment to keep its condition.

Ways to Maintain Swimming Pool Water

Some common issues that occur if we do not Maintain Swimming Pool Water are water turns green, unbalance PH level causing skin problems, uncontrolled dirt, and many mores.

These are the things that we need to keep away from our pool water. And to guide you in doing it, below are the ways to keep your swimming pool water crystal clear.

Keep PH and Chlorine Level

This the first way to do to Maintain Swimming Pool Water. By testing the PH and chlorine level of your pool waters, you will understand the next step to do as well as what chemicals to add.

Vacuuming Our Swimming Pool

Doing vacuum on our swimming pool is something that has to be carried out regularly. So, the dirt that settles on the pool floor can be lifted and cleaned.

Doing Backwash on Pool Filters

Backwashing filter is needed to be conducted after the pool vacuum process is completes. The aim of doing filter backwash is to clean dirt inside the filter tube.

Usually, these dirt does not return through the inlet fitting, so filter backwash is needed to keep the filter clean and to maximize its performance.

Get Rid Out of Floating Dirt Using a Leaf Skimmer

Getting rid out of dirt and dust that floats on the surface of a swimming pool is also important to Maintain Swimming Pool Water. Excessive dust accumulation is very disturbing view that makes the pool seems dirty.

Moreover, the accumulation of dust that is left on the surface is potentially adding the settled dirt when it goes down to the bottom of the pool floor.

And it triggers the growth of algae, makes the water looks greenish and mossy. Therefore, we need to keep the pool surface clean by removing the floating dirt with leaf skimmer.

Those are four ways that must be done in routine to keep our swimming pool water clean. In addition to the above mentioned ways, there are still some other things that need to be done.

For sure, swimming pool water will not remain clear and clean just by doing that four ways. This one thing to consider is the addition of chemical, which lead us to the next topic, which is “Chemical Used for Crystal Clear Pools Water”.

Chemical Used to Maintain Swimming Pool Water

How to Maintain Swimming Pool Water to Be in Chrystal Clear Condition 1

Once again, keep in mind that the addition of chemical below is only valid if the initial conditions, swimming pool water is already in relatively clean and clear conditions.

So Giving chemicals with the formula below mainly is to maintain swimming pool water in clear and clean. But, if the initial condition of the pool water is super dirty or even green, you need to consult with swimming pool expert regarding the dose.

90% granular or chlorine

When the chlorine is in ideal level, granular addition is in the range of three quarters of a kg. Granular function is to maintain chlorine levels to remain at an ideal level and inhibit the growth of moss.

Why the dose is so low? Well, this dose is in accordance with the ideal standard of use as well as the recommended safety standard. We can just add any number of kilos as requested, but if there is an effect on the skin due to excessive use of drugs is beyond our standards.

Soda ash

Add three quarters of a kg to a normal swimming pool. Soda ash function is to eliminate rancid odor when adding well water.

Terusi (Copper Sulphate)

Insert one handful of terusi into swimming pool machine. The purpose of inserting this directly into the machine is to make it gives effect to pool water quickly.

Copper Sulphate function is to provide a bluish effect on pool water. However, the use of Terusi must be maintained, at least 2 weeks in normal pool conditions.

Chlorine tablets 90 Percent

Add two pieces of chlorine tablet. Tablets are very functional during the rainy season, especially with the addition of rain water to the pool. The actual function of the tablet is the same as granular.

Chlorine tablets functions better to prevent the decline in chlorine levels due to the addition of rainwater or well water.

If those methods have been done and the chemical has been added correctly into the swimming pool, then your pol water will look clear and clean. More than that, with the minimum level of bacteria, algae, and moss in the water, it will stay healthy as well.

Of course, the dose of chemical can be added according to the condition of swimming pool water. However, the size of the swimming pool also influences dose. So, if you need further consultation about the dose or procedure, you can contact the experts. Lastly, we hope that this article could be functional.

Thank you, and Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb.

This article was written with original source Mr. Ahmad Arifin, Staff of Dimulti Pool. He can be contacted via email at [email protected] or Tel. 021 8430 5011 ext.22

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