The Application of NFC Technology in iPhone, Is It Worth?

NFC technology in iPhone, The realization of Internet of Things (IoT) concept is getting closer. Now, everything needs to be connected, and able to do data transferring. That’s why we can find many supportive technologies are started to be applied in some personal devices. One of the examples is the application of NFC technology in iPhone.

As we know, NFC is a growing technology that is developed massively. This development is done due to the high functionality of the tech itself. And seeing the big potential of its usage in the future, many companies are competing to bring the most advance NFC system in their gadget.

One of the companies that enter to this game is Apple. As the major phone and computing device company in the world, it will be such a must for them to bring the newest technology in their new gadget lines. And they really do. It is realized in some of the series of the popular iPhone. There’s still only few application of NFC Technology in iPhone actually.

So, for the old model of iPhone users, apparently you need to upgrade your device to be able to try this feature. While for the iPhone device that already completed with the NFC feature, they are the iPhone 6 series line, and iPhone 7 Series, and above. With the present of this technology, the brand new iPhone of course has the more functionality attached.

The Application of NFC Technology in iPhone, Is It Worth?

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Then, how does the NFC technology in iPhone device work? Is this already succeeded in making a huge technological jump from the previous version or the ones with no NFC in it? Apparently, the answer is a bit blurred. Well, we say blurred since yes, the new iPhone is already completed with NFC.

But in fact, the NFC itself can’t be functionalized maximally. And the biggest question that highlights the application of NFC technology in iPhone is whether this NFC can read NFC tag or not. And at this point, Apple has confirmed that for now, this technology is still locked and not able to be treated as a reader for NFC tag.

So, the answer is obvious. Apply Pay is the only service where the NFC technology in iPhone could actually work on. Some people say it’s useless since they can’t use the NFC for other trending tap-and-go services which nowadays are getting popular.

The Application of NFC Technology in iPhone, Is It Worth?

Moreover, other new system including security, marketing, events, asset tracking, gaming, phone personalization, and others also needs NFC in its operation.

So, it is such an unfortunate choice that Apple chose to lock down the NFC function in their iPhone device for only functioning for Apple Pay. However we believe that Apple has one strong reasonable reason for doing it.

Why Apple Locks NFC Technology in iPhone?

The Application of NFC Technology in iPhone, Is It Worth?

Security is the biggest issues in online Payment nowadays, and we think this is the reason of why Apple still keeps their NFC feature locked down. It is because they don’t want to put their customer on risk of using un-prepared mobile payment system. So, it there’s always a strong reason for them to keep it locked until the NFC technology on iPhone is completely ready.

Besides, they don’t want to bet on the credibility of the company, which is kept carefully since the very first time. Because when Apple runs in a rush in bringing this feature ready when it’s actually not, something bad could just happens in the process. And it will definitely threat the credibility of the company.

Well, with the massive application of this technology, we hope that Apple will open their NFC technology in iPhone soon. Remembering that there will be various usage of it, we believe that this action will bring many goods for all of us.

Besides, if Apple doesn’t open this kind of feature soon, they will risk their credibility as the leading smartphone manufacturer. This is happen since Android device has made an aggressively big jump on NFC recently. And it could just be a threat, for this Cuppertino-based smartphone manufacturer.

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